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2021 Projects

Educational Projects


Virtual Learning Program in Singapore

Online Entrepreneurship Workshops for Japanese University Students


February, September, November 2021

As the restrictions for international travel continue, our Online Entrepreneurship Workshops continues to work with university students in Japan throughout 2021. 

Over 100 students had joined our program from various universities in Japan this year, while our trainers in Singapore guided them through different stages of the startup process from ideation, solution, prototyping, customer validation, and pitching.

Similar to last year, the programs were all conducted in English, and the students also participated in discussion and pitching presentations in English. We saw that students are getting more confident in communicating in English and using English a tool instead of merely another school subject. 

While the students worked on various issues in Japan based on the united nation sustainable development goals (UNSDGs), such online overseas program gave them an international perspective to their startup ideas. 


Virtual internship & lecture

Overseas education & internship program for students from India


January, July, November 2021

Every year, WASABI Creation hosts several groups of students from India ​for their overseas education & internship program in Singapore. Although boarders continue to be closed, we have extended our online program for this year as well. We hosted various groups of students from India who are eager to learn new things beyond their schools and country. Over a week-long program, the students worked in groups on research and making proposals to 3 Singapore SMEs in areas such as business development, overseas market expansion to India, Indonesia, and Japan. 

We hope we can host the students in-person in Singapore soon as Vaccinated Travel Lanes are opening up between countries.

Project Consulting


Influencer marketing, Consumer trends, New market entry

Bridging Japan & Singapore for businesses



Despite cross-boarder businesses have become very difficult in the past two years due to the pandemic, it is heart warming to see Japanese companies and the government are still keen in doing businesses in Singapore. We have spoken to many Japanese companies, and some government departments who are working on digital solutions to promote their products & services, such as influencer marketing. We have gladly shared our views and advised them on the recent consumer trends and outreach strategies to Singapore customers. Many of them are also planning their next moves once travelling between Japan and Singapore is possible again. 

We have also successfully assisted some Japanese companies in incorporating their company in Singapore, in order to get closer to their clients and suppliers in Southeast Asia. 

Influencer Marketing


Bringing International Brands to Consumers in Japan

Digital experiences of the latest tech products



This year is a big year for influencer marketing at WASABI Creation. We had the opportunity to work with various international brands by introducing their latest tech products to the consumers in Japan with the support of many talented influencers and YouTubers. These tech products include healthcare, wellness, education, lifestyle to name a few. Here are a couple of the YouTube videos we have worked on together with some gaming influencers and tech influencers in Japan. 

The pandemic has driven businesses to go online and so do we. On the bright side, it allows us to do more and become more creative and efficient in creating content in the digital space, and reach out to everyone at every corner of the globe.

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