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Market Entry to Japan


Business Matching in Japan

Neuroscience education methodology to Japan

July 2019

WASABI Creation is supported a Singapore education company in exploring business opportunities in the Japanese market, targeting pre-schools up to high school level. Our client has developed its own neuroscience based education methodology, programs, as well as products, that have been scientifically proven to be effective in children's learning ability. It is also proven to be effective in improving their focus, able to retain knowledge and represent them according to their own understanding. 

WASABI Creation supported our client in researching and meeting potential partners in Kyoto and Tokyo, through a series of market research and business matching. 

Market Research in Japan

Expert Interview with ophthalmologists  

Our client is a major market research agency conducting market research on medical related topics. WASABI Creation support the project by conducting individual interviews with over 10 ophthalmologists from Japan through conference call, and translated the result and findings from Japanese to English. 


The large amount of scientific terms used was one of the challenges, while ophthalmologists usually have a busy schedule, it was also challenging to catch hold of them for an hour of in-depth interview. 

Influencer Marketing for Health Food

Promoting American health food brand to Japan

Our client is an international health food brand from USA with e-commerce for global major markets including Japan. WASABI Creation was tasked to promote the brand to the Japanese market, targeting health conscious ladies and families, introducing the large variety of products, and the ease of purchase from the e-commerce platform.

Check out the YouTube video by one of our influencers, who did an unboxing video introducing the brand and the products.

Business Matching

Tokyo Fashion World 2017

WASABI Creation supported our client from Singapore at Tokyo Fashion World 2017 by conducting pre-event research to identify potential collaboration partners, as well as coordinated meetings between our client and the exhibitors.

We had arranged over 10 meetings with the exhibitors in a single day, together with interpretation support for non-English speaking exhibitors. 

Our client was able to obtain useful product information from the latest fashion trend in Japan, and establish contacts with companies from Japan for further discussion.

Japan Market Entry

Customer service for fashion e-commerce

Our client is a fashion e-commerce from Singapore, who has expanded to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia. Their next target market is Japan due to its huge market, and Japan's distinct four seasons which will be ideal for the  the fashion industry.

WASABI Creation is supporting our client in customer service for its e-commerce platform for the Japanese market. This would include customer service by email, social media, as well as by phone. 

As Japan has the highest standard in customer service in the world. WASABI Creation is able to deploy its knowledge and resources in Japan, in advising the client, and provide  affordable solutions to kickstart its operation in Japan for the first time.

Within a short period of 3 weeks, we managed to setup the customer service system for Japan, together with proper staff training in customer service and product knowledge. 

Market Research

Japanese Consumer Product Trends

Our client is a major operator of the government of Singapore, who is conducting market research on Japanese consumer product trends in Japan and Singapore, for their new business venture.

Upon receiving the requirements from the client, WASABI Creation conducted a research on relevant information sources both online and offline, companies, associations, and government organisations. We also conducted on the ground research, as well as interviews with individuals by tapping onto our network in both Japan and Singapore.

Within a short period of 3 weeks, we manage to produce a report on various Japanese trends in Fashion, Cosmetics, and Package Food, allowing our client to receive sufficient and relevant information and data for their new business development strategies. 

Influencer Marketing in Japan

HonestBee launched in Tokyo

HonestBee is an online grocery service, launched in Singapore in July 2015. 

WASABI Creation works with Japan's biggest influencer marketing agency: UUUM in creating 2 YouTube videos by popular Japanese YouTubers.

The YouTubers introduced HonestBee's mobile application by making grocery orders using the app for preparing dinner, as well as preparing for a barbecue trip.

The videos are also screened during HonestBee's media launch event in Tokyo.


Here are the YouTube videos.



WASABI Insight vol.6

"The Power of Influencer Marketing in Japan"


Influencer marketing is more than a trend - digital influencers are the most direct and effective way to reach Generation X, Z and millennials worldwide. This highly engaged audience lives online on platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and digital influencers are the new stars of this generation.


Being the market leader in influencer marketing in Japan, UUUM's head of sales and global operations director will talk about the latest trends in Japan, Asia and benefits of influencer marketing in general, as well as showing a forecast of how global campaigns will shape the marketing industry in Japan and Asia in the future.

Read more at "The Power of Influencer Marketing in Japan"

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