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Subtitling for Documentary Film

'I Want To Go Home'

'I Want To Go Home' is both a feature documentary and an upcoming English-Japanese autobiographical novel publishing under Math Paper Press created by Wesley Leon Aroozoo, a filmmaker, as well as a lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts. 

 'I Want To Go Home'  is about Yasuo Takamatsu, a man who lost his wife to the tsunami that hit Onagawa in 2011. Since that fateful day, he has been diving every week in search for her. The novel is named after the last SMS that Yasuo Takamatsu received from his wife who saw the impending tsunami. Since then Mr. Takamatsu hopes to fulfil his wife’s last request. I didn’t want his inspiring story to be an article that came and went. I decided to share this man’s story of loss, recovery and determination to reunite with his wife in a novel.

'I Want To Go Home' will have its World Premiere in Competition at the 부산국제영화제 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

WASABI Creation supported in the transcription of the interviews and translated from Japanese to English for the subtitle of the documentary. 

Subtitling for Corporate Videos

English & Chinese subtitle for corporate videos

Client: euglena Co. Ltd

Established in 2005, they succeeded in the outdoor mass cultivation of the microalgae called Euglena (Japanese name: Midorimushi) for the first time in the world. With the corporate philosophy of "Make People and the Earth Healthy", they research, develop and sell food and cosmetics containing Euglena. By 2020, they aim to utilize it as the first algae biofuel in Japan and conduct research on biofuels. They won Prime Minister’s Award, the highest award in the 1st "Japan Venture Awards Program" in 2015. They were listed on the TSE Mothers in December 2012, and upgraded to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2014.

WASABI Creation created the English subtitle version of euglena Co. Ltd's corporate video, for its marketing purpose in Singapore.

SJ50 Film Festival



SJ50 Film Festival is a project to celebrate Singapore and Japan’s 50 years of diplomatic relations by showcasing short films from both Singapore and Japan. This is to promote better understanding of both countries, and to encourage Singaporean and Japanese young film makers to have more exchanges through networking, learning, and collaboration.


SJ50 Film Festival is supported by the Japanese Embassy of Singapore in recognition as a project to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations


SJ50 Film Festival screening event in Singapore will be held in late October 2016 at Asian Civilisation Museum in conjunction with River Nights 2016organized by Asian Civilisation Museum.


See more at SJ50 Film Festival

Global Film Festival for Asian Short Films


Red Dot Cinema~ Global screenings of best short film of Asia
January 2015


Red Dot Cinema brings independent short films from Asia to the world by distributing films to independent event organizers anywhere on Earth, holding screening events across different cities. We empower organizers in putting up cool and fun screening events in the most creative spaces. 


At different parts of the world, Red Dot Cinema provides a social and physical platform for local film lovers as well as film makers, and rediscovers Asia through stories from behind the lens.

Red Dot Cinema aims to be a continuous project with regular film screenings so that these films can reach out to diverse groups of audience, thus raising awareness for Asian short film industry. 


WASABI Creation is the producer of Red Dot Cinema.


See more at RED DOT CINEMA

Film Award Event

International Students Creative Award 2014, Osaka

Sponsored by Knowledge Capital, November 2014


The International Students Creative Award is an international award contest for both Japanese and foreign university, graduate school, and vocational school students in the fields of art and information media. 

Knowledge Capital’s mission is to promote “industrial creation, culture dissemination, international exchange, and human resource development”. The purpose of the International Students Creative Award is to discover and nurture the creative ideas and talents of today’s youth to enable them to become tomorrow’s stars on the world stage.


WASABI Creative is the international marketing & overseas call-for-entries partner for ISCA2014.


See more at ISCA2014 webpage, ISCA2015

Outdoor Film Festival


Tenmaku (Sky Screen) Film Festival 天幕映画祭

An outdoor film festival at Gion Festival, July 2013


GION Festival pf Kyoto in July is one of the three biggest Japanese festival in Japan. 

In conjunction with this huge festival, Tenmaku Film Festival was held along Shijo Road where numerous screens were setup screening films from traditional samurai movies, black & white Japanese animation, to modern short films. 


WASABI Creation was invited to support the event by contributing short documentaries from our One Day in Kyoto project. One Day in Kyoto is a short documentary project where foreign film makers living in Kyoto were to produce a short documentary in one day's time. 

Independent Documentary Project


One Day in Kyoto

The first simultaneous filming event in Kyoto, June 2013


Based upon the One Day on Earth experience, One Day in Kyoto is a project that gathers a vibrant and creative community of filmmakers, students and inspired citizens, who are willing to contribute with their voices in the first “simultaneous filming event” held in Kyoto.

Therefore, this One Day in Kyoto will create, share and present a selection of short-films made by people from different cultures, creeds, and nationalities who live in this city. Together we will make the first step towards a creative community ready to participate in the next One Day on Earth project, and other collective experiences yet to come.


WASABI Creation is the producer of One Day in Kyoto project. 

Watch the documentaries KAMOGAWA


Film Festival


The Future Shorts Festival is the biggest pop up film festival of its kind, showcasing the most exciting short films from around the world.

We believe that independent short films from around the world can reflect different cultures more realistically, catalysing cultural exchange in Kyoto Japan.
Future Shorts Festival is also an international community for film makers in Japan and overseas to network, exchange, and create new values and amazing projects together across borders.


WASABI Creation is the official event organizer for Future Shorts Festival in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe

Film Festival

One Day On Earth ~ global screening 

Founded in 2008, One Day on Earth's ( first media creation event occurred on 10.10.10. and the second on 11.11.11. The 10.10.10 collaboration was the first ever simultaneous filming event occurring in every country of the world.

One Day on Earth collaborations create a unique geo-tagged video archive as well as an annual feature film.


On 2nd April 2012, Earth Day, we organized a screening event for One Day On Earth in Kyoto Art Complex 1928 where about 100 people from more than 20 countries joined us to celebrate the diversity and humanity of our mother Earth.


WASABI Creation is the producer of this event.


Film Screening Event

HAFU FILM ~ sneak preview

“Celebrate Cultural Diversity in Japan with the Hafu Film”, a sneak preview of the film: HAFU FILM was held at the Kansai French Institute. The directors of the film, Megumi Nishikura and Lara Perez Takagi, came all the way from Tokyo to give the presentation. Through film making, they lead the audience to the search of the identity of being Hafu in Japan.

The event featured the performances of some Hafu musicians, Chris Roche and Tender Armstrong. Through the film and music, these artists touched the audience by their talents, passions and multicultural upbringing. The event brought Hafus in Kansai area closer.


WASABI Creation is the producer of HAFU Film sneak preview in Kyoto.

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