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2014 Projects

Film Award Event


International Students Creative Award 2014, Osaka

Sponsored by Knowledge Capital, November 2014


The International Students Creative Award is an international award contest for both Japanese and foreign university, graduate school, and vocational school students in the fields of art and information media. 

Knowledge Capital’s mission is to promote “industrial creation, culture dissemination, international exchange, and human resource development”. The purpose of the International Students Creative Award is to discover and nurture the creative ideas and talents of today’s youth to enable them to become tomorrow’s stars on the world stage.


WASABI Creative is the international marketing & overseas call-for-entries partner for ISCA2014.


See more at ISCA2014 webpage, ISCA2015

Sports Events


Sports Clinic by Kosuke Kitajima at Singapore Japanese School

4 time Olympic Gold Medalist, September 2014


A sports Clinic was organized at Singapore Japanese School on 6th Sep 2014 with 3 Olympic swimmers from Japan. Among them are Kosuke Kitajima, Yuki Shirai, Shinri Shioura, who are all very reputable swimmers. In particular, Kitajima is a 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist in Breaststroke. 

35 Japanese children in Singapore participated in the clinic together with 200 spectators from the Japanese community to watch the swimmers and children in action. 2 children were selected to form a team with the swimmers to compete at a relay competition together with other teams from other schools. 


The sports clinic also raised $6650 for charity on, a crowdfuding platform for events. 

The fund raised goes to SportCares Singapore, a charity organization by Sports Singapore that supports disadvantaged children & youths. 


WASABI Creation is the producer of this event.


See more at!kitajima-singapore-swim-stars/caad

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