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2020 Projects

Educational Projects


Overseas study tour in Singapore

Overseas education & internship program for MBA students from India


January 2020

Every year, WASABI Creation hosts several groups of students from India ​for their overseas education & internship program in Singapore. Luckily, in January before all the boarders closed, we hosted a group of 28 MBA students from Suryadatta Institute of management and communications, Pune India. Over a week-long program, the students worked in groups on research and making proposals to 3 Singapore SMEs in areas such as business development, overseas market expansion to India, Indonesia, and Japan.

They attended a lecture on Lean Startup at Block71, the heart of Singapore's startup community. The students also visited interesting places such as Unilever Headquarter, Google, Singapore City Gallery, Tiger Beer Factory, and some sightseeing too.


Virtual Learning Program in Singapore

Going Online! Virtual Entrepreneurship Workshops for Japanese Students


July 2020

It's disappointing that overseas study tours all come to halt due to travel restrictions globally, but nothing will stop students from learning. Together with our education partners, we have started Virtual Entrepreneurship Workshops for various Japanese universities. A breakthrough in our program is that the workshops are conducted 100% in English by Singaporean instructors with minimal Japanese support. Certainly, it was challenging for many, yet being able to communicate your business ideas to an international audience would be the prerequisite for doing overseas business.

Find out more (Japanese) on what are the topics, methodology, and online collaborative tools we use for identifying problems, formulate ideas, building prototypes, and pitching, all happening in the virtual space.

Project Consulting


New Market Entry Consulting & Support

Introducing Kyoto's TeaCoffee to Singapore, KyoChaCoffee​​!


Nov 2020

After WFHing for the whole of 2020 and most likely we will continue into 2021, we have found a soul drink for all of us. Famous for its tea in Uji Kyoto and unique coffee culture in Japan, KyoChaCoffee is the perfect fusion of both premium Japanese tea & coffee. Yes, it is a blend of Houji tea, Sen tea, Mugi tea, or Ban tea together with coffee roasted in Kyoto in the best ratio, after two years of R&D. It is something perfect for you and your family for if you love tea & coffee. Fussing the two together is a totally new experience brought to you from Kyoto.


Follow our Instagram @getmusubi_japan for upcoming Pop-up store and make your orders there.

Currently, it is also available at Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill. 


Check out all the reviews from international medias:

Her World

Nagi Kyoto’s Tea X Coffee Blends Gives Yuan Yang A Japanese Twist

The Straits Times

Japanese take on yuan yang with Nagi Kyoto's Tea x Coffee blends

Influencer Marketing


Micro-influencer marketing (Singapore)

Micro-influencer Marketing for Japan tourism & train travel


March ~ June 2020

Despite the travel lockdown, true travelers never stop sharing and exchanging travel tips through social media.

WASABI Creation supported West Japan Railway Company (JRWest) in promoting West Japan travel as a way to raise awareness of the JR West Pass for travellers who are only travelling in Western parts of Japan. More than 60 micro-influencers responded to the campaign and posted throwback photos of their past traveling in Western Japan with attractive write-ups. A total of 300,000 followers have been reached through the campaign with 13,000 total engagement. 


Micro-influencer marketing (Singapore)

West Japan Travel Give Away Contest!


March 2020

Just ギリギリ before the travel lockdown, WASABI Creation supported West Japan Railway Company (JRWest) in a Give Away Contest where JR West Passes are given to a few lucky bloggers and Instagramers from Singapore to travel all of West Japan as they wish.


For example, this is what one blogger alone had done for the trip: Kyoto Kimono experience, Arashiyama Rilakkuma Sabo, Gion Sweets and Sakura trees, Tea Ceremony experience, TOEI Kyoto Studio Park, Toei Eigamura, Stopover at Osaka for the night, Maiko Makeover Experience, Kinosaki Onsen, Hello Kitty Shinkansen, Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway, Nara Deers, Nara Hopping 4 cities (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara) in a day with JR West Kansai Wide Area Pass, Kyoto Authentic Samurai Sword Experience, Craft Circus in Awaji, GRAND CHARIOT Hokuto Shichisei 135 °, Naruto x Boruto Shinobi Zato, Hello Kitty Show Box......etc......


Of course, also lot of food, shopping, and tons of photos and stories. 

Check out some blogposts on Awaji

Films & Videos


Subtitle translation & Copywriting

Singapore Award-winning Animation Film, Subtitle support


June 2020

WASABI Creation worked with award-winning Singaporean Animator & fimmaker, Mark Chee by providing Japanese subtitle for his latest animation work, GUNKWORLD.

GUNKWORLD is a short film about a horror cult cartoon series on TV where the main characters: Gunkman, Sallysweets and Roboji, are cute monster schoolchildren who terrorize human characters. Outside of the TV show, GUNKWORLD begins to advertise its brand through commercials and merchandise, which quickly gains popularity at an unholy rate. 

With our Japanese translator & copywriter who is familiar with the manga/ anime sub-culture of Japan, we are able to share Mark's work with the Japanese audiences by providing Japanese subtitles for this Japanese influenced, made in Singapore animation. 


More about GUNKWORLD

Watch it HERE.

New Product Development

20200717_141231_edited (1)_edited.jpeg

New Product Development: Japanese Traditional Crafts

Putting a piece of Japanese art on the wrist~ Custom designed Watchstraps


Launched in 2018, 47Ronin focuses on custom designed and handcrafted watchstraps using a combination of leather, Japanese textile fabrics, and other traditional materials from Japan. It has gathered a niche following globally in a short period of time among watch collectors and fashion enthusiasts. This year, the Singapore brand has collaborated with over 30 watch brands around the world, and was featured in 20 local and international medias such as The Business Times, CROWN, and publications from Japan, Hong Kong, France, Taiwan, UK, etc.


47Ronin is also actively collaborating with other international artists, such as painters, sneaker artists, watch designers, tattoo artists, tailors, shoe makers, photographers, and graphic designers. 


Instagram @47ronin_watchstraps 

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