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Why the name WASABI Creation?

By Tong, founder, WASABI Creation


When living in Kyoto, I was at a friend’s party when I first saw wasabi in its original plant form. I could recognise the smell but could not quite associate with what I saw. I had a shock of my life when I realised that is what wasabi actually looks like, other than in a tube that is sold in supermarkets.

I was shocked not because of the look of wasabi, but the fact that I only get to find out after 15 years of studying Japanese, and 4 years of living in Japan. At that time, I thought I had known much of Japan, and I realised I was wrong. 


From that moment on, I decided that I should continue to learn more about Japan, discover its wonders, and share it with the world. It turns out to be a never ending journey, that is enriching, inspiring, and fulfilling. 

The company name "WASABI Creation" will always remind me the purpose of the business, and its mission.

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