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2018 Projects

Project Consulting


Event Consulting & Support


Nov 2018

WASABI Creation worked with our client, MURAYAMA Inc in supporting the large scale photo exhibition event organised by Fujifilm at Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur, one of the biggest shopping centers in Malaysia. The event was held 29th October - 4th November 2018, with over 8000 photos on display all around the shopping mall, making it the biggest photo exhibition in Malaysia.

WASABI Creation supervised the setting up and tearing down of the exhibition setup by working closely with local operators overs 2 weekends. 

For more detail see:

Business Consulting

Direct marketing for industry conferences in Japan

April 2018

WASABI Creation supported a Singapore based event company who is organising industry conferences targeting specific industry companies as attendees in Tokyo. 

WASABI Creation provided consultation and advise to the client on content creation, such as the website, promotion materials, and positioning of the events and the organiser. 

We further advised the client on how to approach, and make connection with the target audience, and make strategies based on our knowledge, experience, and network in Japan. 

Our Japanese speaking staff also supported the client in doing research, prospecting, and executed the direct marketing on behalf of the client.

Business Consulting

"TAKUMI Holidays" Mobile App for Japan Travel

Feb 2018

WASABI Creation is providing consulting service to TAKUMI, a new mobile app for Japan travelers to be connected with local hosts to experience the lives of locals in Japan. Their philosophy is such that "the locals do not change their identities to entertain tourists, but travellers should change themselves to engage with the locals, and experience their everyday lives. 

With our expertise, insights, and past experiences from Japan travel related projects over the past 5 years, WASABI Creation is providing advisories to TAKUMI on various aspects such as event marketing, community building, and recruiting hosts from Japan.  

For more info: TAKUMI

Japanese Band Performing in Singapore

EYS from Kyoto performing at Garden By The Bay

WASABI Creation supported EYS, a boy band from Kyoto in their first overseas performance in Singapore at Garden By The Bay, one of its popular tourist attraction, as well as a prominent landmark of Singapore. 

EYS is formed in 2014, consisting of 3 brothers who are singer/ song writers, guitarist, vocalist, pianist, as well as a saxophone player. They will be performing at Garden By The Bay in conjunction with Sakura Japan event at the Flower Dome, where cherry blossom trees are imported from Japan, and to be displayed in the air-conditioned dome.


WASABI Creation is the producer for EYS' performance in Singapore, who supported in the planning, coordination with event organiser, providing equipments, schedule management, as well as local marketing for the band's first overseas performance.

Performance schedule:

31 Mar 2018 Saturday:

3.00pm – 3.30pm

5.00pm – 5.30pm


1 Apr 2018 Sunday:

3.00pm – 3.30pm

For more info: Sakura Japan, EYS Official Website

YouTube: シンガポール「SAKURA JAPAN」行ってきます!

シンガポール 公演行ってきました!!!

Garden By The Bay Event

Sakura Japan Fair 2018

Sakura Japan Fair is a specially curated Japanese fair organised in partnership with JTB Pte Ltd. Held over the last week of the cherry blossom floral display, Sakura Japan Fair features an array of food and retail options, weekend performances, and exciting workshops on selected dates.

30th March ~ 8th April 2018 09:00 - 21:00

Flower Dome (Flower Field Hall and Waterview Room)

WASABI Creation supported Sakura Japan Fair 2018 as a collaborator by inviting workshop vendor, exhibitors, as well as a boyband, EYS from Kyoto to perform for the first time outside Japan.

See: Garden by the Bay Events

Market Research

Business Matching

Introducing Japanese skincare products in Singapore

Our client is a skincare product manufacturer from Japan who has 15 years of track record in developing skincare product for the Japanese market. Their plan is to identify and partner with distributors and retailers in Singapore to begin their overseas business expansion.

WASABI Creation supported the client by approaching potential partners in Singapore and set up appointments for business discussion during our clients' stay in Singapore.

Within a short period of 2 days, we manage to secure 7 appointments with different companies such as Isetan, Sasa Cosmetics, Takashimaya, Robinson's, NTUC Fairprice, Luxasia, etc, allowing our clients to receive sufficient and relevant information and opportunities for their business expansion in Singapore. 

Market Research

Japanese OTC Drug sales in Singapore

Our client is a market research company from Japan who is conducting market research on Japanese OTC Drug sales in Singapore.

Upon receiving the requirements from the client, WASABI Creation conducted a research on relevant companies, associations, and government organisations . We made enquiries and appointments in advance for conducting interview with our client when he arrived in Singapore. 

Within a short period of 4 days, we manage to secure 7 appointments with different companies, allowing our clients to receive sufficient and relevant information and data for their market research assignment.

Trade Show Support

Roadshow Exhibition Promotion

Sakura Japan Fair at Gardens By The Bay


Mar 2018​

In conjunction with Sakura cherry blossom are on full bloom display at Gardens By The Bay, Flower Dome, WASABI Creation was invited by JTB Singapore, organiser of Sakura Japan Fair, to be a collaborating partner of the event, held from 30th March to 8th April 2018.

WASABI Creation, together with its partner, put up an exhibition booth, displaying and promoting Japanese inspired leather crafted products, using Japanese materials such as Kimono fabrics, as well as hand crafted Kanata Samurai sword. The booth is was designed with elaborate decorations and elements sources from Japan. All these products are designed and crafted in Singapore by Singaporean designers.

Japan Ambassador to Singapore, Mr Kenji Shinoda, Minister for Transport, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, and Minister for Finance, Mr & Mrs Heng Swee Keat visited the exhibition booth during the event. Over the 10-day period, more than 500 customers who had shown interest in the products gave us their contact information for future followups.

More information: 

WASABI Creation at Sakura Japan Fair 2018

Event Marketing

WASABI Discovery vol.8

Focus Group for the latest Japan Travel App~ "TAKUMI: How millennials travel in Japan?"


26th Feb 2018​

WASABI Creation organised a focus group study with TAKUMI, a new mobile app for Japan travelers to be connected with local hosts to experience the lives of locals in Japan. 

A total of 30 participants where invited to the focus group to find out about the latest travelling trends and tips on Japan travel, as well as giving their opinions and preferences when they plan their travel to Japan. 

TAKUMI app is scheduled to be launch in May 2018.

More information: 

Focus Group for the latest Japan Travel App~ "TAKUMI: How millennials travel in Japan?"

TAKUMI website

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing for Health Food

Promoting American health food brand to Japan

Our client is an international health food brand from USA with e-commerce for global major markets including Japan. WASABI Creation was tasked to promote the brand to the Japanese market, targeting health conscious ladies and families, introducing the large variety of products, and the ease of purchase from the e-commerce platform.

Check out the YouTube video by one of our influencers, who did an unboxing video introducing the brand and the products.

Influencer Marketing for Japan Car Rental Portal

Blogger's reviews from 5 Southeast Asia countries

Our client, TABIRAI is an online car rental portal from Japan which provides price comparison, and booking services in English, targeting foreign travellers to Japan who wish to go for driving trips. They also provide additional option such as insurance, hight way payment system, among other related services.

WASABI Creation engaged 5 travel bloggers from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia to try out the online booking system, and each gave their review of the online portal on their blog. 

The Travel Junkie

Jiahui Muses

Live Less Ordinary

Lakad Pilipinas

Pinoy Adventurista

Japan Cultural Events

Bento Workshop

Sakura Japan Fair at Gardens By The Bay


Mar 2018​

In conjunction with Sakura cherry blossom are on full bloom display at Gardens By The Bay, Flower Dome, WASABI Creation was invited by JTB Singapore, organiser of Sakura Japan Fair, to be a collaborating partner of the event, held from 30th March to 8th April 2018.

WASABI Creation, together with its partner, conducted 2 sessions of Bento making workshop with the Sakura theme. A total of 25 participants joined the workshop to learn about the secrets and techniques in making a bento with adorable characters and beautiful decorations. 

More information: 

WASABI Creation at Sakura Japan Fair 2018

Business Seminars

WASABI Insight vol.10

Business in Japan~
"Japanese Business Culture & Manners"


1st Mar 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong held a seminar sharing his experiences and insights on doing business in Japan, in particular on the topic of "Japanese Business Culture & Manners". 

Tong shared from his own personal experience overs the years while he has been working in Japan, and doing business with Japanese companies. As he grew up and went through the education system in Singapore, knowing the language didn't seem to have prepared him enough to work in Japan as a fresh graduate. Tong talked about the episodes he had encountered all these years, and cover some of the basics about "Japanese Business Culture & Manner".


  • Japanese business culture 101, how are the Japanese thinking?

  • Exchanging business cards

  • Visiting & hosting a Japanese company

  • Useful Japanese expressions for business

More information: Business in Japan~  "Japanese Business Culture & Manners"

Japan Tourism

Japan Tourism Consultation

Rural experiential tourism at Ei, Kagoshima

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation was introduced to a group of people in Southern Kagoshima  who are known as I-Tuner and U-Turners. The Japanese government has been encouraging people to return to rural areas of Japan to revitalise the place as many places are facing aging population and depopulation. I-Tuner refers to people moving from cities to rural areas, while U-Tuner refers to people who went to the cities and now back in their hometown in the rural areas. And these people are doing some very interesting things for the region.

Ei is located at the south of Kagoshima, where there is the sea, the mountain, and also farm lands. It has the biggest production of tea in Japan, and it produces seahorse which are sold to aquariums as pets, as well as overseas.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Japan Tourism Consultation

Self-drive tourism in Hokkaido

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation was invited by JTB Hokkaido to join a 5night-6day trip to Hokkaido to experience a curated itinerary, and to provide consultation to the local tourism organisations. The trip is designed for self-driving foreign tourists where most of the places are only accessible by car. The route started from Chitose and passed through Otaru, Yoichi, Furubira, Shakotan, Akaigawa, Nikki, and back to Chitose in the end. 

Tong was also invited as an influencer to promote Hokkaido through social media and blog, together with other influencers from Hong Kong and Korea.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Japan Tourism Consultation

Japan Rural Revitalising Program by Sosei Partners

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation, participated in a Rural Japan Revitalising Project organised by Sosei Partners at Minami Ashigara in Kanagawa Prefecture. 

At the end of the 3 day program, after visiting various areas of the town, meeting locals who are actively contributing to the region in activities such as Agriculture, Energy Solution, Environmental education etc, some proposals were presented to the local community, government officials, including the City Mayor of Minami Ashigara himself. 

The proposal includes how all the activities and experiences can be curated into a program for foreign visitors to "live", "experience", and "contribute" to the rural areas of Japan, such as Minami Ashigara.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Japan Tourism Consultation & Influencer Marketing

Kanagawa - Kagoshima - Hokkaido

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation, will be visiting Japan this August to provide consultation service on tourism, and promote Japan as a business influencer.

He will be participating in a rural Japan development project in Kanagawa, visiting tourism groups in Kagoshima on a road trip sponsored by Tabirai rental car portal, experience rental car travel in Hokkaido, and provide consultation to JTB Hokkaido in various travel destinations and experiences. Tong will be documenting his trip, as he shares it with his global business network online.

Consultation on tourism development in Hokkaido is kindly sponsored by WASABI Creation.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

New Product Development

New Product Development: Japanese Traditional Crafts

Japan inspired handcrafted watch straps

47Ronin浪人 Watch Straps are designed & handcrafted piece by piece with exotic materials from Japan, such as leather, Kimono fabric, Japanese print, and interesting materials from various parts of Japan.

WASABI Creation supported 47Ronin in various stages of the new business startup such as market research, sourcing of materials from Japan, as well as product development and marketing.

The watch straps are applicable to all kind of watches from traditional automatic wrist watches to smart watches such as Apple Watch. In just a couple of months time, over 40 designs have been developed, and the company has started getting orders from Singapore, Japan, USA, and Europe.

Translation & Interpretation

Translation for Fashion e-commerce site

WASABI Creation provided English to Japanese translation for Singapore fashion e-commerce company, SaturdayClub, for its online store for the Japanese market. 

Each month, over 50 products are launched for the Japanese market. Description for fashion products include various colours, design, cuttings, style, material, features of the clothing, and fashion tips, which can be industry specific, and differ in expression between different countries and culture. 

Through WASABI Creation's understanding of Japanese fashion trend, customer mindset, and local knowledge, it is able to produce accurate, easy to understand, and attractive translation for the Japanese e-commerce site.

See more:

Guest Speaker

Business Seminar

For Osaka Innovation Hub: Expanding startup businesses in Singapore 


Sep 2018​

20 startup entrepreneurs and students from Osaka Innovation Hub visited WASABI Creation as part of their one week study tour in Singapore. Tong (Founder, CEO), together with Yuta Morita (Intern, SMU MBA student) conducted a seminar for the group on how they can expand their businesses from Japan to Singapore. They covered topics such as incorporation in Singapore, Singapore's demographic, consumer behaviour, influencer marketing, popup store marketing, etc. The participants were very interested in these topics and asked many questions such as "What are the common difficulties and errors Japanese companies have when doing business in Singapore." Tong was glad to have shared his experiences and expertise in these areas. 

Japanese Lessons

For foreign domestic workers & caretakers 


Sep 2018​

WASABI Creation was requested by a nursing training school to conduct Japanese lessons to its students comprising of foreign domestic workers and caretakers. The students are attending the school to step up their skills in nursing care for the elderly. As Japan is seriously facing the hit of aging population, and lack of manpower in providing care to the elderly, they have opened up working opportunities in Japan to foreign caretakers. 

In view of this, these foreign domestic workers are trying out learning Japanese to equip themselves with the language skill that will enable them to work in Japan in the future.

Guest Speaker

Seminar to Ryukoku University: How Singapore's policies have shaped a multiracial and international society.


2 Sep 2018​

A group of 40 students from Ryukoku University, Japan visited WASABI Creation as part of their educational tour in Vietnam and Singapore. WASABI Creation founder, Tong conducted a seminar on Singapore policies that have shaped the country's multiracialism, and built an international society. 

More and more Japanese companies realise the need to venture overseas market as its domestic market continue to string due to aging population and depopulation, however there is a lack of talent within Japan who has the experience, skills, and know-how to bring business across boarders. We hope the seminar will be able to share with the students some ideas and tips on how to be a global talent. 

Guest Speaker

Seminars to Business Schools in Delhi, India


Aug 2018​

WASABI Creation was invited by our partner, Intraversity in Delhi, to conduct talks to students of various business and management colleges in India. Over the week, we visited and met students from Jaipuria School of Business, JK Business School, Institute of Technology And Sciences, and Accurate Institute of Management & Technology. We shared with the students about our business, market trends in Japan and Singapore, and answered the students' questions on entrepreneurship. 

WASABI Creation is also in talks with the schools to work with our partner in bringing students to Singapore for educational tour and internship.

Guest Speaker

"How SMU MBA Students can prepare themselves in working with the Japanese?"


6th Jul 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong was invited by SMU MBA Class to speak at "Japanese Business Night". Tong shared about his experiences when he was working as a fresh graduate in Japan, and talked about Japanese business culture that is unique and special to non-Japanese people. 

Tong also talked about basic Japanese business etiquette, such as exchanging business cards, and seating positions for Japanese business meetings. The MBA students shown great interest with many questions.


The event ended with a party serving Sushi for everyone.

Entrepreneurship Training Camp 2nd edition

"Partnership with SAI International College Bubhneshwar, India"

June 2018

WASABI Creation hosted 8 Indian students from SAI International College Bubhneshwar over 4 days for an intensive Entrepreneurship Training Camp at WASABI Creation's office. The students worked in groups of 2 on various topics such as coworking space business, India market entry, Japanese F&B market research, as well as overseas travel trends for India.

An extensive research in in these were done by the students, who also came up with creative proposals to implement new business into the fast growing market. Many presentations and discussions were held with the students to finalise the proposal.

At the end of the program, each student received a certificate of participation for their enthusiasm during the program.

WASABI Consulting

"What can Japanese students do to become international professionals?"


16th Mar 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong was contacted by a group of students from Tokyo University, who are interested to learn about doing business internationally, as they planned their self-funded trip to Malaysia and Singapore. A sharing session was conducted over web conference, where Tong answered questions from the students, shared his own experiences, and gave advises to the students what they can do to groom themselves into international professionals. ​


Here are the reviews and comments from the students.

Guest Speaker

The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Singapore (CLAIR, Singapore)


Feb 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong was invited by The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Singapore (CLAIR, Singapore) to share about WASABI Creation's business and its expertise in helping Japanese companies go global

Tong shared about his past, present, and future projects on how WASABI Creation is bridging Japan, Singapore, and the rest of Asia in terms on Business, Culture, and Tourism. In particular, Tong talked about his observation of how many Japanese companies are facing difficulty in presenting their products to the local markets overseas, and what could be so the solutions to better communicating with local consumers and making online connections for building relationships.


About CLAIR, Singapore

Guest Speaker

Ministry of Education Language Center, MOELC


Feb 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong is an alumni of MOELC, who studied Japanese from 1997 to 2001. Tong was invited by Ministry of Education Language Center, MOELC to speak to over 200 parents whose children have been enrolled to Japanese classes this year.

Tong shared about his experience & font memories as a student studying Japanese, participating in homestay programme in Japan, as well as his motivation in learning the language. He also talked about how Japanese language had changed his life and built his career in bridging Japan, Singapore, and the rest of Asia in terms on Business, Culture, and Tourism. Tong also urge the parents to encourage their children to preserver in the new language and not to easily give up despite many challenges.  

About Ministry of Education Language Center, MOELC

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