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Japan Tourism Consultation

Rural experiential tourism at Minami-cho, Tokushima

June 2019

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation was invited to join a 4 days 4 nights tour at Minami-cho, Tokushima with a group of Singaporeans. There has been little foreign visitors at Minami-cho. Recently some groups of visitors from Taiwan and Hong Kong had visited the town, and this is the first time that a group from Singapore is visiting. 


Minami (美波町 Minami-chō) is a town located in Kaifu DistrictTokushima PrefectureJapan. ​Located 50 km south of prefecture's capital, Tokushima city, Minami is over 33 km from east to west, and covers an area of approximately 140.8 km². It is bordered on the southwest by the Kaifu mountains and on the east by the Pacific Ocean, making Minami a scenic town surrounded by mountains and sea. As of October 1, 2016, the town has an estimated population of 6,929 and a density of 49 persons per km². Total area is 140.85 km².


Japan Tourism Consultation

Rural Japan Tourism in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture

August 2019

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation was invited by a Japanese business partner to visit Izumo in Shimane Prefecture where his family owns some property many generations ago. There is a house in one of the small rural villages which has faced depopulation for decades. This is due to young people going out to cities for job opportunities and few return. There is an elementary school right next to the house which has been close a couple of years ago due to lack of students. 

WASABI Creation was invited to visit and view the area. We visited some places of interest such as the famous Izumo Shrine, and brainstormed on ideas for revitalisation of this area as a destination for rural Japan tourism for foreign travelers. This is going to be a long term project.

Japan Tourism Consultation

Rural experiential tourism at Ei, Kagoshima

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation was introduced to a group of people in Southern Kagoshima  who are known as I-Tuner and U-Turners. The Japanese government has been encouraging people to return to rural areas of Japan to revitalise the place as many places are facing aging population and depopulation. I-Tuner refers to people moving from cities to rural areas, while U-Tuner refers to people who went to the cities and now back in their hometown in the rural areas. And these people are doing some very interesting things for the region.

Ei is located at the south of Kagoshima, where there is the sea, the mountain, and also farm lands. It has the biggest production of tea in Japan, and it produces seahorse which are sold to aquariums as pets, as well as overseas.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Japan Tourism Consultation

Self-drive tourism in Hokkaido

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation was invited by JTB Hokkaido to join a 5night-6day trip to Hokkaido to experience a curated itinerary, and to provide consultation to the local tourism organisations. The trip is designed for self-driving foreign tourists where most of the places are only accessible by car. The route started from Chitose and passed through Otaru, Yoichi, Furubira, Shakotan, Akaigawa, Nikki, and back to Chitose in the end. 

Tong was also invited as an influencer to promote Hokkaido through social media and blog, together with other influencers from Hong Kong and Korea.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Japan Tourism Consultation

Japan Rural Revitalising Program by Sosei Partners

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation, participated in a Rural Japan Revitalising Project organised by Sosei Partners at Minami Ashigara in Kanagawa Prefecture. 

At the end of the 3 day program, after visiting various areas of the town, meeting locals who are actively contributing to the region in activities such as Agriculture, Energy Solution, Environmental education etc, some proposals were presented to the local community, government officials, including the City Mayor of Minami Ashigara himself. 

The proposal includes how all the activities and experiences can be curated into a program for foreign visitors to "live", "experience", and "contribute" to the rural areas of Japan, such as Minami Ashigara.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Japan Tourism Consultation & Influencer Marketing

Kanagawa - Kagoshima - Hokkaido

August 2018

Tong, CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation, will be visiting Japan this August to provide consultation service on tourism, and promote Japan as a business influencer.

He will be participating in a rural Japan development project in Kanagawa, visiting tourism groups in Kagoshima on a road trip sponsored by Tabirai rental car portal, experience rental car travel in Hokkaido, and provide consultation to JTB Hokkaido in various travel destinations and experiences. Tong will be documenting his trip, as he shares it with his global business network online.

Consultation on tourism development in Hokkaido is kindly sponsored by WASABI Creation.

Get the latest updates on Tong's trip in Japan from " Japan Travel Blog".

Influencer Marketing for Japan Car Rental Portal

Blogger's reviews from 5 Southeast Asia countries

Our client, TABIRAI is an online car rental portal from Japan which provides price comparison, and booking services in English, targeting foreign travellers to Japan who wish to go for driving trips. They also provide additional option such as insurance, hight way payment system, among other related services.

WASABI Creation engaged 5 travel bloggers from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia to try out the online booking system, and each gave their review of the online portal on their blog. 

The Travel Junkie

Jiahui Muses

Live Less Ordinary

Lakad Pilipinas

Pinoy Adventurista

Business Consulting

"TAKUMI Holidays" Mobile App for Japan Travel

Feb 2018

WASABI Creation is providing consulting service to TAKUMI, a new mobile app for Japan travelers to be connected with local hosts to experience the lives of locals in Japan. Their philosophy is such that "the locals do not change their identities to entertain tourists, but travellers should change themselves to engage with the locals, and experience their everyday lives. 

With our expertise, insights, and past experiences from Japan travel related projects over the past 5 years, WASABI Creation is providing advisories to TAKUMI on various aspects such as event marketing, community building, and recruiting hosts from Japan.  

For more info: TAKUMI

WASABI Discovery vol.8

Focus Group for the latest Japan Travel App~ "TAKUMI: How millennials travel in Japan?"


26th Feb 2018​

WASABI Creation organised a focus group study with TAKUMI, a new mobile app for Japan travelers to be connected with local hosts to experience the lives of locals in Japan. 

A total of 30 participants where invited to the focus group to find out about the latest travelling trends and tips on Japan travel, as well as giving their opinions and preferences when they plan their travel to Japan. 

TAKUMI app is scheduled to be launch in May 2018.

More information: 

Focus Group for the latest Japan Travel App~ "TAKUMI: How millennials travel in Japan?"

TAKUMI website

Travel TV Programme

Introducing Kanazawa City of Ishikawa Prefecture

With MRO Broadcasting, 2017

WASABI Creation was invited to be part of the production team together with MRO Broadcasting in producing a travel TV programme for introducing Kanazawa to the audience of Singapore, and other Southeast Asia countries. The TV programme is scheduled to be broadcasted in December 2017. WASABI Creation was engaged as a consultant to provide advisory to the production team on how to convey the rich history and attractiveness of Kanazawa to the audience. CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation has also played the role as one of the casts, experiencing and introducing Kanazawa in front of the camera. 

The shooting took place over five days, producing 3 episodes of programme of 30 minute each, show casing the beauty of Kanazawa to the people of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Residential Coworking Space in Kyoto


Global Residential Coworking Space in Kyoto, 2013

47RONIN is a global residential coworking space where we provide valuable information & connections to visiting entrepreneurs who could stay with us, work on their projects, interact with our local coworking communities while they explore, experience, & enjoy Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. 

​47RONIN provides accommodation facilities in a semi-rural part of Kyoto, a peaceful Japanese residential town with nature & rich historical heritage. Instead of the usual downtown hotel or the overly touristic sightseeing areas, 47RONIN gives you a different experience of Kyoto. Yet, it is only 30 minutes away from central Kyoto, accessible by train & buses. You will be able to work on your projects at our coworking facility & meet the coworking community of Kyoto through our many events & activities. Who knows you may generate new ideas, make new partners, or open a new chapter to your business.

47RONIN is produced & operated by WASABI Creation

Tourism Seminar


Kyoto Tourism Symposium  

A deep Kyoto experience for inbound tourists, November 2013


Kyoto is famous as the old capital of Japan where foreign tourists can discover many traditional culture and heritage treasures in this unique part of the world. 


WASABI Creation organized this Kyoto Tourism Symposium to gather all kinds of travel experience providers to give a presentation about their businesses and discussed about challenges they face. These travel experience providers include Ikebana, Japanese tea ceremony, Koto (Japanese music instrument), theater performances, Nishiki textile, Japanese cooking, Kyoto walking tours, and many more.  This symposium also allows the participants to learn more about the tourism industry of Kyoto. 

Architecture Tour

Kyoto Sanjo Architecture Tour 

A historical walk in Kyoto, November 2013


Sanjo is one of the most prominent roads in Kyoto. Located in the heart of Kyoto City, Sanjo is where many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and theatres are located. It is also a place that reflects the lives of people in Kyoto. Over the centries, Sanjo has also transformed itself into the modern world while keeping many things unchange and hidden, forming a time capsule with rich histroy and interesting stories.


Together with Kyoto Architecture Society and Sanjo Association, WASABI Creation co-organized this Kyoto Sanjo Architecture Tour for 30 participants. They include foreigners living in Kyoto who have huge interest in the history of the city, but had little chance to learn about it. This tour provided a precious experience for everyone to explore the many hidden corners of Sanjo that tells many unknown stories. 

Factory Tour


Suntory~ The Premium Malts 

The best beer in the world from Kyoto, October 2013


Suntory, The Premium Malts is considered as one of the best beer in the world, loved by many Japanese as well as everyone in the world. Its factory is located 20min by train from JR Kyoto station, where you can spend an hour to join a guided tour of the factory, and have beer tasting together with the guide. 


WASABI Creation organized this factory tours for 20 Japanese and foreigners from Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe to find out about the manufacturing processes of The Premium Malts, and to find out the reason why it tastes so good. 

Tourism Web Portal

Japan's fastest-growing foreign language tourist website

JapanTourist aims to become the largest and most trusted reference website for travel to Japan, by creating content and a software platform that facilitates sharing and being shared.

JapanTourist is fast becoming the largest web database of English-language travel articles in Japan, and currently is Japan's only travel site to use a fully enabled English-language user reviews engine.


If you love travelling and sharing some unbeaten paths in Japan, join us as a Travel Journalist to contribute interesting and insightful articles and photos. 

See here for more detail.

See here for Chinese contributors


WASABI Creation is the Regional Partner of in Shiga Prefecture

Online Travel Experience Market Place


Discover amazing, unique travel experiences

We believe that there isn’t one world, but that we live in a multiverse with many different cultures, religions, languages, and personalities. We believe that the best part of traveling is the ability to meet people and view the world in a different perspective. Until now, these encounters have been greatly facilitated by luck. Meet Voyagin: our mission is to increase your chances and facilitate interactions to one-of-a-kind otherworldly experiences. Whether that’s achieving Buddhist enlightenment in the mountains, making new friends while enjoying a traditional meal with a family in Japan, getting a glimpse of world’s hidden underwater treasures with divers that love and respect the ocean is completely up to you. Anyone can experience something new, at any price point, whether you’re a food lover, into the offbeat or just want to to relax. We hope you’ll enjoy both the journey and the different values you experience. We’re not just building a marketplace, we’re building a community.


WASABI Creation is the community partner of Voyagin in reaching out to unique amazing travel experiences, as well as cool and interesting hosts. 

Join us as an experience host or an interpreter guide

Tourism Research Tour

Tour de Osaka

A monitor tour for international students, November 2012


Ministry of Tourism invited 20 foreign students to join a tour in OSAKA to give them a special experience in the second biggest city in Japan. They tried out famous Osaka food at Shinsekai(新世界), and went into a time capsule of Japan’s entertainment in the 50s. They also visited Smart Ball(スマートバール), a game center of the past created before video game is born. There is also Tsutenkaku (通天閣), a metal tower built in 1912 during the Meiji period, which was the tallest structure in East Asia then. Last but not least, the students explored a historical shopping arcade called Janjanyokocho (じゃんじゃん横丁)that was built in the post war period. 

Surveys were regularly done for each places of interest, including the ease of travel, sufficiency of English materials, and service quality of the staffs. 


WASABI Creation was tasked with the recruitment of international students as participants and assisted in the tour to ensure smooth execution of the programme. 


Tourism Research Tour

Tour de Biwako, Shiga Prefecture

A monitor tour for international students, October 2012


A monitor tour around Biwako Lake in Shiga prefecture was organized by Shiga Prefecture and the Ministry of Toursim. About 40 international students from Kansai area were invited to participate in this tour to find out how to improve tourism in the area. Places of visit included ferry rides on Biwako Lake, temples and shrines, Biwako Valley, and Hikone Castle. Surveys were regularly done for each places of interest, including the ease of travel, sufficiency of English materials, and service quality of the staffs. 


WASABI Creation was tasked with the recruitment of international students as participants and assisted in the tour to ensure smooth execution of the programme. 



non-verbal entertaining performance in Kyoto

First of its kind in Japan, GEAR is a unique non-verbal performance that stimulates your five senses with a moving story set in the future. Accompanied by impressive stage effects set up using techniques ranging from those used in Kabuki plays to the latest technologies, GEAR is bound to offer a theatrical experience the audience will never forget! The story revolves around a toy doll who finds herself having a human heart after interacting with "Roboroids" (humanized robots), and unfolds as world-class performers bring you through a series of mime, breakdancing, Juggling and magic performances all without a single word. 


WASABI Creation is the overseas promotion agent for "GEAR". Besides providing translation in multiple languages for its website, we also worked on pamphlet design, PR to media companies, overseas reservations, and marketing to reach out to overseas audience who visit Kyoto in huge numbers every year.

Tourism Experience

Seasonal cycling event: Tour de Kyoto


Each year, many cycling events were organised in Kyoto for our community of foreign residence as well as Japanese friends to explore different places in Kyoto City. These cycling events are held in various time of the year, so that the participants can enjoy beautiful scenery that comes along in different seasons. 

Tourism Experience


Dragon Boating Expereince, Biwako, Shiga Prefecture

A new travel experience, November 2012


WASABI Creation was invited to organize a Dragon Boating Experience Tour with a dargon boat team from Biwako of Shiga Prefecture. More than 40 foreigner and Japanese participated in the tour. It was the first dragon boating experience for many, whle it is also a totally new experience for others with the scenic view of Biwako and unique features along the coast. 


WASABI Creation is the organizer of this Dragon Boating Expereince Tour. 

Tourism Experience

White Water Rafting, Seta River, Shiga Prefecture

A new travel experience, October 2011


WASABI Creation organized a White Water Rafting Tour for a group of 30 foreigners living in and visiting Japan. Seta River is the only river flowing out of Biwako Lake, the biggest lake in Japan. It provides geograpical feature that is ideal for white water rafting, yet it is safe even for beginners. The tour is to promote such adventurous activities as a tourism experience for travellers who are seeking some excitment during their trip. 


WASABI Creation is the organizer for this White Water Rafting Tour at Seta River. 

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