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Outdoor Film Festival


Tenmaku (Sky Screen) Film Festival 天幕映画祭

An outdoor film festival at Gion Festival, July 2013


GION Festival pf Kyoto in July is one of the three biggest Japanese festival in Japan. 

In conjunction with this huge festival, Tenmaku Film Festival was held along Shijo Road where numerous screens were setup screening films from traditional samurai movies, black & white Japanese animation, to modern short films. 


WASABI Creation was invited to support the event by contributing short documentaries from our One Day in Kyoto project. One Day in Kyoto is a short documentary project where foreign film makers living in Kyoto were to produce a short documentary in one day's time. 

Independent Documentary Project


One Day in Kyoto

The first simultaneous filming event in Kyoto, June 2013


Based upon the One Day on Earth experience, One Day in Kyoto is a project that gathers a vibrant and creative community of filmmakers, students and inspired citizens, who are willing to contribute with their voices in the first “simultaneous filming event” held in Kyoto.

Therefore, this One Day in Kyoto will create, share and present a selection of short-films made by people from different cultures, creeds, and nationalities who live in this city. Together we will make the first step towards a creative community ready to participate in the next One Day on Earth project, and other collective experiences yet to come.


WASABI Creation is the producer of One Day in Kyoto project. 

Watch the documentaries KAMOGAWA


2013 Projects



7th International Workshop Festival~ Doors 

Workshop for everyone in Osaka, August 2013


7th International Workshop Festival~ Doors is co-organized by Art Complex 1928 and Osaka City to promote active learning & exposure to different cultures from different countries. More than 1000 workshops have been conducted since the program had started 7 years ago, together with more than 100 types of different workshops, participants can learn something new while having fun at these workshops. All the workshops are held in 3 different locations across Osaka, each participant pays only 500yen for a 90min workshop of their choices. 


WASABI Creation sourced for and coordinated 4 instructiors from Canada (Yoga), USA (Personal branding), Taiwai (Latin dance), and Japan (Japanese dance) to conduct workshops at the 7th International Workshop Festival Doors. 

Residential Coworking Space in Kyoto


Global Residential Coworking Space in Kyoto, 2013

47RONIN is a global residential coworking space where we provide valuable information & connections to visiting entrepreneurs who could stay with us, work on their projects, interact with our local coworking communities while they explore, experience, & enjoy Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. 

​47RONIN provides accommodation facilities in a semi-rural part of Kyoto, a peaceful Japanese residential town with nature & rich historical heritage. Instead of the usual downtown hotel or the overly touristic sightseeing areas, 47RONIN gives you a different experience of Kyoto. Yet, it is only 30 minutes away from central Kyoto, accessible by train & buses. You will be able to work on your projects at our coworking facility & meet the coworking community of Kyoto through our many events & activities. Who knows you may generate new ideas, make new partners, or open a new chapter to your business.

47RONIN is produced & operated by WASABI Creation

Tourism Seminar


Kyoto Tourism Symposium  

A deep Kyoto experience for inbound tourists, November 2013


Kyoto is famous as the old capital of Japan where foreign tourists can discover many traditional culture and heritage treasures in this unique part of the world. 


WASABI Creation organized this Kyoto Tourism Symposium to gather all kinds of travel experience providers to give a presentation about their businesses and discussed about challenges they face. These travel experience providers include Ikebana, Japanese tea ceremony, Koto (Japanese music instrument), theater performances, Nishiki textile, Japanese cooking, Kyoto walking tours, and many more.  This symposium also allows the participants to learn more about the tourism industry of Kyoto. 

Architecture Tour


Kyoto Sanjo Architecture Tour 

A historical walk in Kyoto, November 2013


Sanjo is one of the most prominent roads in Kyoto. Located in the heart of Kyoto City, Sanjo is where many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and theatres are located. It is also a place that reflects the lives of people in Kyoto. Over the centries, Sanjo has also transformed itself into the modern world while keeping many things unchange and hidden, forming a time capsule with rich histroy and interesting stories.


Together with Kyoto Architecture Society and Sanjo Association, WASABI Creation co-organized this Kyoto Sanjo Architecture Tour for 30 participants. They include foreigners living in Kyoto who have huge interest in the history of the city, but had little chance to learn about it. This tour provided a precious experience for everyone to explore the many hidden corners of Sanjo that tells many unknown stories. 

Factory Tour


Suntory~ The Premium Malts 

The best beer in the world from Kyoto, October 2013


Suntory, The Premium Malts is considered as one of the best beer in the world, loved by many Japanese as well as everyone in the world. Its factory is located 20min by train from JR Kyoto station, where you can spend an hour to join a guided tour of the factory, and have beer tasting together with the guide. 


WASABI Creation organized this factory tours for 20 Japanese and foreigners from Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe to find out about the manufacturing processes of The Premium Malts, and to find out the reason why it tastes so good. 

Tourism Web Portal

Japan's fastest-growing foreign language tourist website

JapanTourist aims to become the largest and most trusted reference website for travel to Japan, by creating content and a software platform that facilitates sharing and being shared.

JapanTourist is fast becoming the largest web database of English-language travel articles in Japan, and currently is Japan's only travel site to use a fully enabled English-language user reviews engine.


If you love travelling and sharing some unbeaten paths in Japan, join us as a Travel Journalist to contribute interesting and insightful articles and photos. 

See here for more detail.

See here for Chinese contributors


WASABI Creation is the Regional Partner of in Shiga Prefecture

Online Travel Experience Market Place


Discover amazing, unique travel experiences

We believe that there isn’t one world, but that we live in a multiverse with many different cultures, religions, languages, and personalities. We believe that the best part of traveling is the ability to meet people and view the world in a different perspective. Until now, these encounters have been greatly facilitated by luck. Meet Voyagin: our mission is to increase your chances and facilitate interactions to one-of-a-kind otherworldly experiences. Whether that’s achieving Buddhist enlightenment in the mountains, making new friends while enjoying a traditional meal with a family in Japan, getting a glimpse of world’s hidden underwater treasures with divers that love and respect the ocean is completely up to you. Anyone can experience something new, at any price point, whether you’re a food lover, into the offbeat or just want to to relax. We hope you’ll enjoy both the journey and the different values you experience. We’re not just building a marketplace, we’re building a community.


WASABI Creation is the community partner of Voyagin in reaching out to unique amazing travel experiences, as well as cool and interesting hosts. 

Join us as an experience host or an interpreter guide

IT event & community building


Cloud server for WordPress sites


Sova WP is a cloud server which specializes in serving WordPress sites. It provides resources such as 24-hour/365-day server monitoring and WordPress-specific tuning, all in a VPS (virtual server) format. Because it is a cloud service, it can deal with temporary increases in accesses with its Boost Function, and it can also provide CDN functionality to speed up access from abroad. Site administrators will be completely liberated from server management chores, and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced.


WASABI Creation is the community manager & event producer for Sova in Singapore. We are aiming to create a community of web designers, bloggers, content creators, & IT engineers. 

​In 2014, we are planning to hold Wordcamp Singapore to gather all Wordpress users & developers to share and explore new opportunities with the Wordpress flatform.


Award events

Knowledge Capital International Students Creative Award

The annual BACA-JA student contest has been held in Japan every year for the past 14 years. This year the official name was changed to ISCA (International Students Creative AWARD), and entry applications are now being accepted from countries other than Japan. This change will make the contest much more exciting. In addition, an International Category has been established to offer students a much larger stage on which to display their talents, as well as opportunities for international communication and exchange. A Mobile Apps Category has also been added to the Japan Category to attract an even wider range of young talent and make the contest more meaningful.


WASABI Creation is the coordinator for overseas award winners by calling for entries & attending to them throughout the event.

ISCA 2014 application form


Business networking events

Knowledge Salon International


Knowledge Salon is one of the major facilities of Knowledge Capital (, situated within Grand Front Osaka; a new city re-development project right next to Osaka Station. Thus, Knowledge Salon International will be an event and a project to fulfill the four objectives of Knowledge Capital: "Business Promotion", "Cultural Exchange", "International Collaboration", and "Talent Development" through innovative new value creation. It is the first project in Japan that ties together industries and institutions in various projects and initiatives with the goal to make a difference in today’s Kansai area and open up Kansai as the “Gateway” from the world to Japan and the rest of Asia.

In order to create a Knowledge Capital and Knowledge Salon, that are already to set to achieve their objectives by Spring 2013, a monthly pre-launch event will take place from April 2012 right up to the opening of Knowledge Capital in April 2013 to ensure enough preparation will be done with no stone left unturned. "Knowledge Donors" or speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise at the event, with a diverse audience from business people and creators, to students.


WASABI Creation is the producer of this event.

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