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Influencer Marketing


Micro-influencer marketing (Singapore)

Promoting Japan travel for West Japan Railway


Sep 2019​

WASABI Creation worked with a Singapore micro-influencer marketing agency and supported West Japan Railway Company (JRWest) in promoting West Japan travel as a way to raise awareness of the JR West Pass for travellers who are only travelling in Western parts of Japan. More than 60 micro-influencers responded to the campaign and posted throwback photos of their past traveling in Western Japan with attractive write-ups. A total of over 300,000 followers have been reached through the campaign. 


Content creation on Instagram & Facebook 

Anti-cut, Anti-theft Travelling bags

WASABI Creation worked with a new brand in Singapore that design and sells anti-cut, anti-theft travelling bags, which started out as a successfully Kickstarter funded project. We provided our content creation service which consists of creative contents in terms of photos, short videos, stop-motion, computer graphics to strengthen the branding and emphasised on the unique value proposition of the products. 

We also engaged influencers, models, and cross-marketing with other brands to raise awareness, as well as to build a true following for a brand new Instagram account for the brand in Singapore. 

Influencer Marketing for Health Food

Promoting American health food brand to Japan

Our client is an international health food brand from USA with e-commerce for global major markets including Japan. WASABI Creation was tasked to promote the brand to the Japanese market, targeting health conscious ladies and families, introducing the large variety of products, and the ease of purchase from the e-commerce platform.

Check out the YouTube video by one of our influencers, who did an unboxing video introducing the brand and the products.

Influencer Marketing for Japan Car Rental Portal

Blogger's reviews from 5 Southeast Asia countries

Our client, TABIRAI is an online car rental portal from Japan which provides price comparison, and booking services in English, targeting foreign travellers to Japan who wish to go for driving trips. They also provide additional option such as insurance, hight way payment system, among other related services.

WASABI Creation engaged 5 travel bloggers from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia to try out the online booking system, and each gave their review of the online portal on their blog. 

The Travel Junkie

Jiahui Muses

Live Less Ordinary

Lakad Pilipinas

Pinoy Adventurista

Influencer Marketing in Singapore

Fashion e-commerce targeting young adults

Our client is a fashion e-commerce from Singapore, who has expanded to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia. Their next target market is Singapore's young adults who are tech savvy as this group had not been targeted in their marketing strategies so far.

WASABI Creation's influencer marketing agency partner in Singapore conducted a 6-month influencer marketing champaign for the brand by deploying over 20 micro and macro influencers, generating over 390,000 outreach and over 8,900 engagements. 

Influencer Marketing in Japan

HonestBee launched in Tokyo

HonestBee is an online grocery service, launched in Singapore in July 2015. 

WASABI Creation works with Japan's biggest influencer marketing agency: UUUM in creating 2 YouTube videos by popular Japanese YouTubers.

The YouTubers introduced HonestBee's mobile application by making grocery orders using the app for preparing dinner, as well as preparing for a barbecue trip.

The videos are also screened during HonestBee's media launch event in Tokyo.


Here are the YouTube videos.



WASABI Insight vol.6

"The Power of Influencer Marketing in Japan"


Influencer marketing is more than a trend - digital influencers are the most direct and effective way to reach Generation X, Z and millennials worldwide. This highly engaged audience lives online on platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and digital influencers are the new stars of this generation.


Being the market leader in influencer marketing in Japan, UUUM's head of sales and global operations director will talk about the latest trends in Japan, Asia and benefits of influencer marketing in general, as well as showing a forecast of how global campaigns will shape the marketing industry in Japan and Asia in the future.

Read more at "The Power of Influencer Marketing in Japan"

WASABI Insight vol.7

"Unstoppable Influencer Marketing in Singapore & the Region"

Client: KOBE Technologies Pte Ltd

Kobe (口碑, kǒu bēi) is a pending patent* AI-driven advertising platform that pairs advertisers with relevant everyday influencers, leveraging on their ability to broadcast messages to millions of users so that businesses can get represented in front of their target audience in a credible manner.


WASABI Insight vol.7 "Unstoppable Influencer Marketing in Singapore & the Region"

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