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​Be an Voyagin Interpreter Guide 

Discover & share amazing, unique travel experiences in Kyoto
Voyagin ( is an Internet market place that provides unique, personal, and amazing travel experiences in various Asian countries. The list of countries, and activities are fast expanding. They include Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. 
Started in Japan since 2011, Voyagin has the most number of exciting activities across Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and other prefectures. From traditional experiences such as tea ceremony, Sushi making classes, to subcultures such as maid café, animation, and many maniac & OTAKU experiences, Voyagin has everything to satisfy all the curiosity a tourist will have.
However, due to the lack of English speakers among the Japanese population, tourists often could not get a clear understanding of what is happening, and end up “lost in translation”. That is where we need the help of Japanese/ English bilingual people like you, to assist us in bridging this gap.

Some amazing, unique expereinces in Japan on Voyagin

What is in it for me?
  • ​Make use of your local knowledge
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Brush up your language skills
  • Enjoy free travel experience together with the guests
  • Make extra bucks with your spare time
  • Be an ambassador, promote tourism of your own city
  • Internship opportunity to spice up your resume



  1. Bilingual in English and Japanese such that you are able to communicate with Japanese people and translate them into clear English.
  2. Love meeting new people from different parts of the world.
  3. Responsible, responsive, and friendly to give the guests the best experience, not only because of the experience but also because of you.









* This is only a part time assignment that you can accept only when you are available. 

For example:
  • A guest booked an experience to learn about Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement).
  • We will contact you by mail with the following information:
    • Date & time, duration
    • Number of guests
    • Meeting place, location of activity
    • Content of the experience
    • What you need to do
    • Amount of payout to you for hosting
  • If everything works for you, you will reply the mail confirming the reservation.
  • We will then make an introduction of you to the guest with each other’s contact information.
  • You will be expected to confirm the meeting date, time & place with the guest by mail (while CC all mails to
  • On the actual day, you will then meet the guests and guide them through the experiment and give any assistance needed.
  • Payout to you will be paid by bank transfer by the end of the next month. (e.g. Activity on 5th Oct will be paid on 30th Nov)
Register Now

Are you the person we are looking for? Join us as a Voyagin Interpreter-guide by sending us a self introduction explaining why you want to be a host with Voyagin to


* WASABI Creation is the Chief Exprience Producer for Voyagin.


About Voyagin

"Travel companies give you an itinerary.
Voyagin helps you discover and book otherworldly experiences"


We believe that there isn’t one world, but that we live in a multiverse with many different cultures, religions, languages, and personalities. We believe that the best part of traveling is the ability to meet people and view the world in a different perspective. Until now, these encounters have been greatly facilitated by luck.


Meet Voyagin: our mission is to increase your chances and facilitate interactions to one-of-a-kind otherworldly experiences. Whether that’s achieving Buddhist enlightenment in the mountains, making new friends while enjoying a traditional meal with a family in Japan, getting a glimpse of world’s hidden underwater treasures with divers that love and respect the ocean is completely up to you. Anyone can experience something new, at any price point, whether you’re a food lover, into the offbeat or just want to to relax. We hope you’ll enjoy both the journey and the different values you experience.


We’re not just building a marketplace, we’re building a community.

The Voyagin Team


The Voyagin Team is a young, energetic, and international bunch of people who loves travelling, making friends from around the world, discovering & sharing amazing, unique experiences to other travellers in Asia.


Curretntly, the team is spreaded across Tokyo, Kansai, and Singapore, while making occasional trips to other destinations in Asia to discover facinating expereinces for everyone. 


Voyagin also work with interns & volunteers who also believe in sharing our local knowledge and expereinces with foreign visitors. Togther we create a sharing community in Japan, as well as in various parts of the world. 


Send us a mail with your self introduction, and join us as an intern or a volunteer now.



WASABI Creation is the Chief Exprience Producer for Voyagin.

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