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WASABI Enterprise~
a peep into Japanese Entrepreneurs & Business ventures in Singapore






















Produced by WASABI Creation

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"WASABI Enterprise introduces Japanese companies & entrepreneurs in Singapore, or businesses with an interest in Japan.
We get in touch with entrepreneurs and managers to tell us about their businesses, their challenges, success and failure through interviews and company visits.
We hope that through these stories, there will be a better insight about Japanese corporations & ventures in Singapore, the Japanese market, trends and technologies.
We also hope to inspire other business owners and create opportunities for partnership and collaboration. "

If you wish to have your company's story covered by WASABI Enterprise, contact us at

Atsuro Banno


Masaru Aso

MURAYAMA Singapore

Jerome Lee

Japan Travel

Akihito Tanekura (Allan)


Waki Yoneoka


Yoshiaki Ieda


Hideaki Fujiyama

Lingua Franca

Satsuki Tomono

FLC Inc.

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