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Growing with your child is a journey worth documenting.
Memom helps you to be a journalist recording
the story of your child's growth.

By Lim Shi Hui, Undergraduate, NUS School of Business


Photo sharing applications are all the rage for some time now. Hosting, creating, organizing, and even pinning photos are dominated by applications such as the ubiquitous Instagram and Pinterest. However, if you are a parent who loves snapping pictures of your young tots and teenyboppers, or you are simply someone who appreciates images of cherubic faces, we suggest Memom, an iOS application for saving and sharing children photos. 


Memom’s name spells out loudly the values that it stands for- ‘Memory’ and ‘Moment’. The founder of Memom, Waki Yoneoka, started Memom in March 2015, after realizing that modern parents lack opportunities to create photo albums of their children. For Waki herself, photo albums depicting her childhood contributed greatly to her identity, and hence, she decided to create a phone app to help parents create and share photo albums of their children with ease.


Even before becoming an entrepreneur, Waki was not new to setbacks. She worked at an IT company after graduating but she lost the job as the company couldn’t survive repercussion of the IT bubble burst. She then joined the finance sector after acquiring US CPA, but again her company went to bankruptcy during the Lehman Brothers crisis. Seeing failures of her previous employers, Waki felt common point for both was that business owners had no clear visions. It was this experience that brought her a strong desire to create her own company, where all staff share same goals to create meaningful services for the society.  Waki first came to Singapore to pursue her MBA. After some time in Singapore, she determined that the highly open economy of Singapore is more suitable for her startup compared to Japan because she wants to expand her business globally. People with international mindsets working in Singapore also attracted her to start her business here.

Waki’s concept behind Memom lies in the understanding that photos of children are different from random selfies and artsy shots of food. The latter are mostly taken in the moment and for fun, while photos of your children are meant to be kept for the memories and a keepsake for the future. Hence, the way to save and share your children’s photos would be different.


Memom is an app that allows the uploading of children’s photos from the iPhone camera roll and present them in timeline sequence. The date of when the photo is taken will be shown on the photo,  so that you can keep track of the child’s growth progress and reminisce on the good old days. Even if you have more than one child, the photos can be grouped together in just one account for convenience’s sake.


Another function of the application is that every week, five photos will be automatically chosen and delivered as a digital post card to you. The card can be shared by email or added to your timeline on Facebook.


In addition, Memom allows you to create an exclusive circle of friends and family to share your photos with, reducing danger and privacy issues associated with the sharing of children’s photos on social media platforms. It is indeed tempting to share all moments of your child online, but the Internet is a potentially scary place and sharing these moments with a select group of people can best protect your child and is the most effective privacy setting.

As for the future of Memom, Since it can be a real adventure photographing children who move around a lot, the image recognition function will select the best shot for you. This is one of the ways the function allows users to sieve out less important photos and share the photos they actually wish to keep.


Memom is also in the works to develop an Android app and collaborate with other services. To provide elements of physicality and the reassurance of touch, Waki is planning to offer printing and filing services to create a physical album to customers.









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