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Looking to hire the next talents for your business?
Social recruiting could be the solution
for this competitive labor market. 

By Lim Shi Hui, Undergraduate, NUS School of Business


The average person spends approximately 1.72 hours a day on social media, and more than half that time on Facebook. Keeping this in mind, Yoshiaki Ieda, CEO of Job Forward, then decided to create an online social recruiting platform to help employers effectively find the right talents through social media.



Job Forward strives to differentiate itself from its competitors by targeting a wider range of job seekers. Instead of focusing solely on people who are actively seeking out jobs, Job forward enables employers to reach out to passive job seekers who show potential and may be open to new employment opportunities. This significantly widens the labor pool for recruiters, helping startups and SMEs who may not possess a large access to the labor pool.

Job Forward was incorporated in Singapore at the end of year 2013, and officially launched its product in April 2015. During this period of growth, Job Forward has created Startup Essence (a platform to help companies create well-designed recruitment pages), won the Singapore satellite and was selected to be among the top 50 in Echelon 2014, the largest startup event in Asia. Currently, Job Forward is in the midst of testing its fit and tweaking its model for other ASEAN countries such as Indonesia.


When asked about his reasons for choosing Singapore as a starting point for Job Forward, Ieda cites the language factor, his network, and the fact that he can use Singapore as a springboard into neighboring countries. He too appreciates the globalized corporate environment in Singapore and that many MNCs locate their Asian headquarters here.

Ieda himself is very familiar with recruitment, having more than 10 years of experience in marketing, human resources and technology. Before designing Job Forward, he was the regional marketing manager at Procter & Gamble Singapore, and before that, he was in charge of new business incubations at Recruit, the top human resource and information company in Japan. Today, in Job Forward, Ieda’s main roles concern business development, product development, KPI management, fundraising, and of course, recruiting.



Ieda advised our readers, especially foreigners seeking job opportunities in Singapore, that ‘Getting the Employment Pass is becoming harder and harder.  Promising, strong career opportunities for Japanese are very few.  So, they must have robust planning before they move to Singapore.’


With his own planning, Ieda hopes to lead Job Forward in becoming the number one social recruiting platform in ASEAN by 2018, as well as help developing nations leverage on social media platforms for recruitment. 

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