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"Bringing Mt. Fuji closer to Singapore"
Premium Water by Ms Satsuki Tomono

By Lim Shi Hui, Undergraduate, NUS School of Business



Being able to drink the highest-quality natural spring water in the world drawn from Mount Fuji? FLC inc. brings you just that with their Premium Water line.


FLC inc. is a water dispenser provider that seeks out the best water sources across Japan, valued for their taste and quality since the ancient times. Satsuki Tomono, one of the founding members of Premium Water, Director of the Singapore office, stressed that the company prioritises the taste, water sources, nutritional value and quality of Premium Water by conducting regular and critical checks for water quality, container hygiene and the presence of radioactivity. Premium Water has absolutely zero artificial additives added.


Besides providing water of superior quality, FLC inc. pursue the highest standards in hygiene, quality and customer convenience through the use of disposable, non-reusable containers. These dispensers are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, child-safe, and even energy-saving.


In fact, the quality of the water and dispensers of Premium Water are validated through FLC inc. winning the iTQi Superior Taste Award and the Monde Selection Gold Quality Award for 3 years running.

However, FLC inc. is far from resting on its laurels. In response to customers' needs, they operate customer service centers to better provide fast, flexible service. By providing customers with a personalized online portal where they can access features such as delivery notices, order tracking and the ability to make changes to their account, FLC inc. aims to provide even greater ease of use and convenience for their customers.  In home country Japan, FLC inc.  has a 400 strong face-to-face sales team that constantly hones its customer service skills through friendly rivalry and improves their products through feedback.



Currently, FLC inc. have various programs underway, such as  offering their customers and their families the experience of growing rice. They are also helping to market the local produce of those areas to their network of customers, such actions being in line with their CSR values of helping to prevent deindustrialization in the rural areas they operate in. Director Tomono personally believes that it is important to remain humble, value other people and never forget to be grateful towards others, and such values are evident in the way the company is run, both in Japan and its overseas operations.


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Today, FLC inc. aims to increase their sales of dispensor units by the summer of 2015. In order to increase distribution and for sales to hit the target in Singapore, they are hiring locally and expediting agreements with distribution partners to secure their presence across the island. FLC inc. also hopes to recruit talents that can operate globally to expand their business all over ASEAN. Director Tomono admits that the presence of Premium Water in Singapore is still small, but she is aiming for Premium Water to expand and conquer a share of the market pie in the whole of ASEAN, bringing the best of Japan to the entire world.

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