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Bring your products from Japan to Singapore
at ZERO Cost ZERO Risk!






Produced by WASABI Creation

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About WASABI Bazaar


WASABI Bazaar is a quarterly event over the weekend,

showcasing beautiful Japanese lifestyle products to people

in Singapore. The event provides a platform for visitors to See, to Taste,

to Play, to Learn, to Wear, to Do, and to Experience all about Japan.


All products and contents are carefully curated by WASABI Creation

to ensure that  all visitors will have quality time and memorable experience

at the event. It is a platform for amazing Japanese products to be showcased

in Singapore for sales and business opportunities.

Date & Time:  June 2017, Friday 1800~2300, Sat & Sun 1000~2300


Venue:            The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089109


Tickets:           Online registration & payment


Organiser:      WASABI Creation Pte Ltd


Exhibitors:     ・Lifestyle & Home Décor・Kids & Family・Food & Beverages

                          ・Fashion & Beauty・Sports & Outdoor・Health & Nutrition

                          ・Travel & Cultural・Art & Design・Traditions & Crafts


Visitors:          5000 locals & expatriates

Topics & Themes


・Middle to high income individuals

・Young working adults (20s~30s) to senior executives (40s~50s)

・Local Singaporeans & foreign expatriates

・Singles, Couples & Families

・People who seek ・quality living・enriching lifestyle・health for

body & mind・new innovations・the latest trends.

・People who are interested in ・Japan・Travel・Culture・Quality products

・Home décor・Furniture・Art・Design・Crafts・Fashio

・Food & Beverages・Beauty・Fashion・Nutrition・etc


How it works?

1. Japanese product information will be sent to the organiser, WASABI Creation by email. They include: product description, specifications, manual, marketing materials, photos, videos, news articles.

2. The organiser will make selection of the products base on quality, functionality, and the general acceptance of the products in Singapore.

2. Selected products will have the samples sent to the organiser in Singapore, together with marketing materials, printed materials, packaging, display set, etc.


3. The organiser will create marketing materials in English (such as product description on website, blog articles about the products, and video introduction of the products)  for targeting Singaporean and foreign customers.


4. The organiser will put the products on display at the event and promote the products with sales staffs.


5. Visitors will see and learn about the products, and make pre-orders at the event. They can also buy the products online from WASABI Creation's online store.


6. WASABI Creation will order the products from the manufacturers at reseller prices. and deliver to customers in Singapore.

About the Venue

The Working Capital is a coworking space located inside three adjoining shophouses in Singapore's Chinatown district, which served as a biscuit-making factory in 1920s. Since 2015, it is a now home to 400 international companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, with a well mix of expatriates and locals in the community. The interior is stylishly designed with the purpose of functionality and to promote interaction between individuals in the community.


The Working Capital will be providing 1200 square meters of indoor spaces, event hall, café space, meeting rooms, as well as beer garden for WASABI Discovery event. Booths will be beautifully setup and transform these spaces into a marketplace for new discoveries, and new experiences.

Outdoor Beer Garden

Outdoor Beer Garden

Beer Garden Party

Beer Garden Party

Open Event Space

Open Event Space

Community Area

Community Area

Exhibition & Markets

Exhibition & Markets

Private Rooms for Workshops

Private Rooms for Workshops

Performance Area

Performance Area

Presentation Area

Presentation Area

Private Room for Seminars

Private Room for Seminars

Presentation Area

Presentation Area

Area for Pop-up Cafe & Deonstrations

Area for Pop-up Cafe & Deonstrations

Product Exhibition Area

Product Exhibition Area

Food Tasting & Workshop Area

Food Tasting & Workshop Area

Food Tasting & Workshop Area

Food Tasting & Workshop Area

Seminar Room (30 Pax)

Seminar Room (30 Pax)

Seminar Room (30 pax)

Seminar Room (30 pax)

Seminar Room (30 Pax)

Seminar Room (30 Pax)

Outdoor Community Area

Outdoor Community Area

Presentation Area

Presentation Area

Performance Area

Performance Area

Pop-up Studio

Pop-up Studio

Product Exhibition & Market

Product Exhibition & Market

What makes WASABI Bazaar

different from other exhibitions?


Zero Cost, Zero Risk!

  • Instead of your company traveling to Singapore, having huge expenses on flights, hotels, booth rental, booth design, booth setup, hiring interpreters, sales staffs, consultants and other expenses, now you can save up on all these costs.

Singaporean & foreigners' perspective

  • The event is organised by a Singapore company with deep knowledge and understanding of Japan. Its strength is to position and present Japanese products in an attractive and desirable manner from the perspective of Singaporeans and foreigners.

Highly targeted audience

  • Only the target audience will visit the event by buying tickets online and on-site. This will prevent irrelevant visitors from disrupting the event, and have a higher conversion rate to customers with actual sales.


We save your time & effort

  • Instead of spending a few days in Singapore, and hours after hours manning your booth, and having difficulty in presenting and communicating with local & foreign customers, we do the selling and the communication for you.


Unique venue

  • Instead of the usual trade exhibition halls which are standard, boring, and not creative, our venue is stylishly designed with contemporary furniture, ambience lightings, stylish layout, and creatively setup to provide an extraordinary event experience to all the senses.  


Stylish booths

  • We make sure all the booths are stylishly designed and beautifully setup to give an extraordinary experience to the visitors. From the signage, product display, wall decoration, flooring, carpets, display shelves, to lightings, they are all carefully designed and put together to impress interested customers.


Wide variety of activities

  • Besides products exhibitions, there will also be seminars, workshops, performances,  presentations, live demonstrations, food & drinks, galleries, culture experiences, quiz & games, music, and party. There are something for the family, the young, the seniors, and for everyone. 


Offline event & Online shop

  • Besides showcasing and making sales of Japanese products at the event, customers can also purchase the products from our online shop featuring your products 365 days a year.


Regularly held event

  • While most events are one-off or held once every year, WASABI Discovery is organised every quarter to provide excitement to the communities in Singapore. Each event will showcase new products, new brands, and new programs to keep visitors returning to the event every time.

   Why Singapore?

・The top 10% of Singapore households had incomes of S$10,543 per member

     per month


・Median household income from work in 2015 is S$8,666


・Median Gross Monthly Income From Work of Full-Time Employed Residents

     in 2016 is S$4056


・The average household expenditure on clothes, footwear, personal care

    services such as hairdressing, and alcoholic beverages etc is S$1000 per

    month. (Source: Department of Statistics Singapore)

People in Singapore are always looking

for new events, bazaar, festivals, and carnivals to  find out the latest Trends, Products, Fashion & Beauty,  Art & Design, Food & Beverages, and Entertainment.


Sponsors                                    Venue Partner                                          Media Partner

Supporting Partners   

Application & Enquiry


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You may also contact or call +65 86567631 for enquiry.

The Organiser

WASABI Creation is a Singapore based company founded by Tong Cheuk Fung. It is an innovative consulting, business support, and project production company Singapore, creating awesome projects  & events for bridging Japan and Singapore.

We help companies, governments, organisations and individuals  to organise various types of projects and events to help them  achieve their goals. We believe in creating revolutionary and attractive projects by combining creative design, effective communication,  and the latest technology. With a cosmopolitan team and partners,

we believe WASABI Creation will be a one-of-its-kind

project management company in the world.


  • Business Consultation & Advisory

  • Business Matching & Partnership

  • Business Communication Training & Consultation

  • Internship & Professional Training & Education

  • Event Marketing & Production

  • Tourism & Culture Marketing

  • Film Festivals & Short Film Distribution

Past Projects

Past Events by WASABI Creation

Who should join in?

Manufacturers & Distributors of Japanese Products and Japan inspired products

・Lifestyle products・Food & Beverages​

・Sake・Craft beer・Wine・Home decor

・Kitchen ware・Children's products・Crafts・Gadgets・Toys & Games・Fashion




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