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"Make People and the Earth Healthy" with euglena Co.
Japan's Microalgae Biotechnology  


28th Aug (Mon) 7:00pm, WorkCentral @ Dhoby Ghaut

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What is Euglena? 


Euglena is a species of microalgae with the features of both plants and animals.

It can store energy by means of photosynthesis like plants while it can move around like animals.  Euglena was born 500 million years ago in the primitive age.

In 2005, euglena Co., Ltd. became the first in the world to succeed in the outdoor mass cultivation of Euglena for food.  Euglena contains 59 varieties of nutrients, which is enough for human survival. Euglena also can be used for the anti-aging cosmetics and healthy complexion.

In addition, when euglena grows through photosynthesis, it produces oil that can be used as biofuel that is suitable for jet-fuel, which also helps to reduce CO2 emission to the atmosphere.

About the Speakers  

Mr. Takuyuki Fukumoto

Co-founder, Director, Head of Healthcare Business Division


Mr. Fukumoto pursued his career mainly in the field of health & beauty. He has many years of professional experience in marketing strategy planning, product development, sales, etc., and he became a director of a chlorella company in Japan in 1999. In 2004, he met Mr. Izumo in China who will be establishing euglena Co. together in 2005.


Mr. Fukumoto is one of the three founders and his role was a manager of strategy planning and marketing. They succeeded in listing euglena Co. on the TSE Mothers in December 2012, and upgraded to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2014. The present market capitalisation is approximately a 100 billion JPY.

Mr. Takehiro Yasui

Manager, Raw Materials and Overseas Sales Section Healthcare Business Division


Mr. Yasui joined euglena Co. in 2009. At the time when Euglena was still unheard of, his mission was to spread the awareness of Euglena. He implemented the collaboration with more than 30 major food companies in Japan on product development. By marketing Euglena contained products with Ito-Yokado, one of the biggest retailer, and Family Mart, one of the biggest convenient store chain, Euglena spread throughout Japan and gathered great attention.

After which, he realised a business partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the major pharmaceutical company (currently Takeda Consumer Healthcare) in Japan, and is involved in product development. He is currently the manager for both domestic corporate transactions and overseas expansion.

At this event, they will be sharing:


  • What is Euglena?

  • How euglena Co. will “Make People and the Earth Healthy” with Euglena.

  • The potential of Euglena’s various applications such as food, cosmetics, bio-fuel and more!

  • The secrets of why both “Inner beauty” and “Outer beauty” could be realised by one algae, Euglena combined with  advanced biotechnology

  • Introduction of their health & beauty products, Euglena P-3(health supplement), B.C.A.D.(anti-aging cosmetics), and “one All-in-One cream”.


All participants will have a chance to experience various euglena products at the event, and will be given product samples as door gifts. You will also stand a chance to win these Lucky Draw Prizes from Japan, presented by euglena!