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About WASABI Discovery


WASABI Discovery is a casual presentation and meet-up event for the world to make new discovery about Japan and its people.

At each event, we invite a couple of special guests to share and discuss about culture, people, happenings, or simply any topic from Japan that is worth discovering. We will also engage the participants in the conversation to make comparisons and contrasts with the local or other countries. 

This is a meet-up for people who have great interest in Japan, it's traditions, and cultures. Participants are welcome to join in the conversation with the special guests, sharing experiences and opinions. If you have an interesting topic in mind, feel free to propose to us and make it into a great discussion session. 


Language: English, or Japanese with English interpretation 

Event detail


Date:                Every first Monday of the month

Time:                Evening: 1830~2130

Venue:             WorkCentral, Brew House

Capacity:        50 people max








1830~1900  Registration, Dinner & Networking

1900~1930  Introduction & short presentation by speakers

1930~2000  Panel discussion by speakers and special guests

2000~2030  Questions & discussion from the participants

2030~2130  More drinks & Networking

2130              The End



Presentation, Discussion, Videos, Photos, Demonstrations, Special Food & drink tasting, Quiz, Prizes, Omiyage, Games, Films, Music


Fee:                 $50 (advance tickets $40),

Dinner, drinks, beer, wine included

Topics & Themes

Content Format

Panel Discussion
Cultural Experience
Audience Participation
Film Screening
Food Tasting
Hands-on Experience
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Who should join in?


If you say "YES" to any of the following:

  • Do you want to learn about the deeper Japan from the experts?

  • Are you interested in culture, food and travel in Japan that you would not have known by yourself?

  • Would you want to find out about interesting social-cultural phenomenon in Japan and how it compare to other countries?

  • How about a relax evening after work, meeting like-minded people, with good food and drinks?


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