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WASABI Apprentice~
Internship & Training Program for Japanese students in Singapore
Produced by WASABI Creation
Calling for Japanese students to participate in WASABI Apprentice,
an experiential learning program to test your limits, acquire business skills,
build your network, and explore unlimited opportunities in Singapore.
Make your student life an extraordinary experience from the rest.


The Concept
・Learning how to fish, not just receiving the fish
・Experiential learning: learning through doing, first hand experience
・Getting out of your comfort zone ・Test your limits
・It is OK to fail, Learn from failure and Never Give Up
・A lifetime experience: create your own life stories

The Mission

"To work with WASABI Creation’s founder and a diverse team to plan, organise & execute:


WASABI Insight, a social-professional networking event on the most burning

business topics for local, expatriate, and Japanese professionals in Singapore." 


And/ Or


WASABI Discovery, a casual presentation and meet-up event for the world to make

new discovery about Japan's culture, tourism, latest happenings and its people.

Past Events

WASABI Insight vol.1

WASABI Insight vol.1

"From Japan to Singapore~ Overseas business expansion in ASEAN" By LinkedIn & Tamoya Feb 2015

WASABI Insight vol.3

WASABI Insight vol.3

"Japan & Indonesia's IT industry & E-commerce, Latest Trends and Opportunities"​ By DHL E-commerce, Kinerja International Jan 2016

WASABI Insight vol.4

WASABI Insight vol.4

"E-commerce, Latest Trends and Opportunities"​ By KOOKI & Lever & Punch May 2016

WASABI Insight vol.5

WASABI Insight vol.5

"Halal Business Opportunities & Market Development in Japan" By Halal Media Japan & Have Halal Will Travel Sep 2016

WASABI Discovery vol.1

WASABI Discovery vol.1

"Japan Travel: the Paths Less Travelled" By Japan Rail East & IPPIN Cafe Bar Sep 2016

WASABI Discovery vol.2

WASABI Discovery vol.2

"Agriculture from Japan to the world" By Chitose Agriculture Initiative Jan 2017

WASABI Discovery vol.3

WASABI Discovery vol.3

"Japan's Coffee & Cafe Culture" By Hoshino Coffee Feb 2017

WASABI Discovery vol.2

WASABI Discovery vol.2

"Life in Japan for Singaporeans" By EvaComics & WASABI Creation April 2017

WASABI Discovery vol.5

WASABI Discovery vol.5

"Omotenashi... Revealing the secrets of Japan's hospitality" by Ishikawa-Prefecture representative office in Singapore March 2017

Rakugo with Diane Kichijitsu

Rakugo with Diane Kichijitsu

The most famous English Rakugo Performer from Osaka is in Singapore! By WASABI Creation Feb 2016

                    The Program


  • Briefing session on the company’s business, history, mission, and vision

  • Familiarisation of the office facilities

  • Reconfirm the objective of the program and expected end result

Team Building

  • Form teams to serve different function of the project

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities of the participants

  • Team outing and fun activities


  • Basic business skill for working professionals

  • Japanese business manner

  • Project & event planning and management

  • Business culture differences between Japan & Singapore

  • Sales & marketing

  • Sponsorship proposal

The Team

・Project Director

・Assistant Director

・Marketing Team

・Partnership & Sponsorship Team

・Guest Relation Team

・Operation Team

Project & Event


Research & Brainstorming

Making proposal

Planning & Setting Milestones


Risk Management

Marketing & Sales


Project execution

Review & Report

Follow up

Client Meetings

Join in clients meeting with founder

to learn about the company’s business, clients’ needs, market demands,

and challenges

The Operation


WASABI Apprentice program last for 4 weeks.

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 1000~1900

Off on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (except for during events)


Examples of daily activities:

Reporting to office

Daily morning meeting for team

Individual work on the project

Clients/ partners meetings

Training seminars

Lunch (1hour)

Company visits

Attending events, example:

Participants will report to Tong, founder of WASABI Creation, who will be

the mentor for this program. A daily meeting will be held for decision-making,

delegation of tasks to participants, reporting and monitoring of progress,

and problem solving. Each team will have their own meetings and operation at

their own timing. The team will be given a lot of room for creativity and flexibility,

as well as accountability for the success of the project. While it is going to be a

challenging and tough mission, everyone should have fun, learn, and

make a different at the end of the project.


Acquiring Skills on:・Planning・Organising・Operation

・Project Management ・Communication・Presentation・Negotiation

・Problem Solving ・Team Building・Marketing・Networking・Resourcefulness

・Mind Changing Experience ・Dare to try・Dare to fail・Dare to make a difference

・Adaptive to new environment・Test your limit・Impossible? I’m possible



・Minimum 4 weeks participation

・Adequate English language skill for communication & team discussion

・Skills & experiences needed for specific positions

・Passionate about life, learning, and self improvement

・Self-motivated with self-initiatives

・A leader & Team player

・Love challenges・Responsible & Forward thinking

・Creative & Innovative

・Never say die spirit

Travel & Accommodation


Participants are to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements in Singapore. WASABI Creation can give some advice on accommodation and living in Singapore after adequate research has been done by the participant.

Program Fee


SGD$3000 (tax included, about 240000JPY)

*Includes training program & office workspace only.

*Does not include Travel & Accommodation, local transportation, and meals

Application process

  1. Submit the form below with all necessary information

  2. Send your resume to

  3. Interview & consultation through web conferencing

  4. Payment of deposit for confirmation (half of total amount)

  5. Conform accommodation in Singapore

  6. Pre-departure preparation through research & study

  7. Arrival in Singapore

  8. Commencement of program

Office Environment


WASABI Creation’s office is a coworking space, Workcentral located 2min by foot from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, which is only 2 stations from Orchard Road, next to City Hall and Raffles Place, in the heart of Singapore downtown.

Workcentral is a spacious coworking space with open style desk space, a café, lifestyle spaces, printing room, and private meeting rooms.

You will be able to meet other members of the coworking space from other companies, such as in advertising, video production, consulting, coaching, marketing, and etc.

You will only need to bring your laptop computer, wifi and electricity are readily available.

What do the interns say?

Mitsunori Ito

Mitsunori Ito

Hitotsubashi University Economics Jan~Apr 2017 (4 months) 仕事に関してはかなり幅広く様々なことを経験できます。小さい会社であるためトンさんのすぐそばで働け、逐一フィードバックをもらえるのが最大の魅力です。いかにして一歩先を読み動くか、細かい点にまで気を利かせられるか、という社会人として必須な能力を辛抱強く指導してもらえます。また、日本が外からどう見えているのか、今まで気が付かなかった視点を与えてくれ、日本の抱える問題、今後どう変わるべきなのか、大きな視点を持って日本と自分のキャリアについて考えられるようになりました。トンさんは私をただのインターンとして扱うのではなく、ちゃんとためになるように教育してくれる方です。仕事以外にもこれまでの経験を沢山話してくれ、周りに流されて生きていくのではなく自分の生きたい人生を歩むために何をして食っていくのか、楽しいことをして生きていくためにどうすればいいのか、自分の頭で考えなくてはならないという当然のことにも気がつかされました。

Seita Tsuno

Seita Tsuno

Rikkyo University Economics Jan~Mar 2017 (3 months) 僕は当初、アジアでのインターンシップを通して、自分の将来の方向性を決めようと思っていました。そういった理由から、多くの仕事を任せてもらい、多くのビジネスマンとの接点をもつことができると考えたため、WASABI Creationでインターンをしようと考えました。実際に三か月インターンをしてみて、初めに思っていたよりもはるかに多くの仕事を行わせてもらい、また、様々な人と関わることが出来ました。今回のインターンシップを通じて、自分がいかに今まで甘えてきたかと思うと同時に、自分には様々な選択肢があり可能性があると感じました。インターンをする前までは、海外で働くことや起業することなど全く考えていなかったのですが、トンさんやシンガポールで働く様々な起業家やビジネスマンの方々の話を聞いてくうちに自分の世界が広がり、世間一般で言われてるようにただ日本で就職する以外の多くの道があるということを学びました。これから自分は何をしたいのか、を今回のインターン経験を活かし真剣に考えたいと思います。

Eri Tsujigami

Eri Tsujigami

Keio University Economics Aug 2016 (3 weeks) I feel that my biggest accomplishment at Wasabi Creation was proposing an event topic to Mr. Tong and actually getting to the point of inviting the speaker for it. I was able to work on this freely, without being given much instruction, which made it challenging, but at the same time all the more exciting and rewarding. I would like to thank Mr. Tong for giving me this precious opportunity and supporting us interns at all times.

Nanako Miyahara

Nanako Miyahara

Hosei University Faculty of law Aug 2016 (3 weeks) Tongさんは、基本的にちょっときつめにワークを私たちに与えました。本当に頑張らないと、そのデッドラインに間に合わないというようなギリギリのラインでした。その中で、自身がどういうふうに工夫して、その限られた短い期間でパフォーマンスを発揮するかということを必死に考えました。このような考え方をすることができるようになったのも、ちょっと厳しいスケジュール感で仕事を与えてもらっていたおかげだと思いました。これらのことは、今後私が就職してからとても生きてくる学びになっていると思うので、これからもWASABI Creationで学んだことをより発展させて、仕事をこなしていきたいと思います。

Hiroyuki Tanabe

Hiroyuki Tanabe

Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce Sep 2016 (1 month) シンガポールは都市国家を形成する島国で、東南アジアで最も小さい国です。シンガポールを繁栄した国家にしようという共通の目標の下、複数の文化が調和をもって協調する他民族、他宗教国家を擁しています。主要な4つの民族、華人、マレー人、インド人、ユーラシアン人。英語を主要言語とする多言語社会で、上記の主要民族はそれぞれの母語を持ちます。 シンガポールのデータとして駐在員に最も住みやすい国、世界で最もビジネスを行いやすい国に選ばれています。また、教育方針としてバイリンガル方針があります。これはシンガポール人に英語及び中国語、マレー語、タミル語、などが含まれる自民族の言語の両方の言語使用能力を持つよう奨励するものです。これは私が思うに、多民族国家であるがゆえに英語という共通言語を持つ必要性、また国として多様性を維持するための自民族言語の使用の奨励をするというところに意味があります。

Yukino Tsuchihashi

Yukino Tsuchihashi

Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts: Sociology, International Relation Jun, Jul 2016 (1 month) WASABI Creationでのインターンには3つの目的:日本企業とシンガポール企業の文化の違いと関わりにおいての難しさを知る、様々な業界を知る、そしてビジネススキルをつけること、があり、この1ヶ月で全ての目的を果たすことができたことに満足しています。 日本文化とシンガポール文化の知識を高められたこと、トンさんの大らかな指導の元「仕事」について理解と深められたことがとてもためになりました。マルチ文化について知りたい方、全体のビジネスの仕組みを知りたいかたにはとっておきのインターンだと思っています。自分自身を押して様々な人とコミュニケーションをしたり、インターンについて深く知ろうという強い思いがあれば自身の考え方を変えるきっかけにもなると思います。

Mayumi Takada

Mayumi Takada

Meiji University Political Science and Economics Feb, Mar 2016 (3 weeks) I had a good experience during my internship with WASABI Creation because I could do a variety of tasks. I was glad that I could join many meetings and seminars which expended my network meeting people from different industries. Co-working space is interesting because I could make friends with members from other companies. I had the opportunity to join an event organised by JETRO and it was very interesting.

Xu Lulu

Xu Lulu

Hokkaido University Aug, Sep 2015 (2 months) The manager Tong gave me a lot of opportunities to experience the working environment in Singapore both internally and externally and always encouraged me to try my new ideas. I also had the chance to interview CEO of Japanese companies to draft cover story on an online portal. I gained a deeper understanding of doing business in Singapore from the internship with WASABI Creation.

Kurumi Takayanagi

Kurumi Takayanagi

Shizuoka University Sep 2015 (2 weeks) WASABI Creation seems to be so accustomed to having interns, as we immediately talked about what I wanted to do for the internship when I first met with Mr. Tong. I was delighted that he gave me works with much responsibility, such as translation and contacting business partners, which I became motivated. Beyond work, being able to listen to his experiences in Japan and his thoughts on current businesses were interesting, making me feel like working abroad

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