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Kanagawa - Kogoshima - Hokkaido (est. 5500km)

15~31 August 2018, Summer

by Tong, CEO WASABI Creation

For Kagoshima, I will be visiting various locations including some rural agriculture and nature places. The best mode of transport will be a self drive rental car. I am very lucky to receive a 7day rental car sponsorship from Tabirai.


Tabirai is a car rental web portal that provides the best car rental deals for the whole of Japan. The website is availably in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, The interface is easy to use by simply entering the dates, destination, and car type. You can even choose the pickup point and return point at different locations. For me, I will be arriving by plane from Tokyo and leaving by plane to Hokkaido, I will be picking up and retiring the car right at the airport.


With just a click, it shows about 8 car types you can choose from. I chose a Honda Fit Hybrid so that I can also save some on petrol. The cars also come with ETC (our ERP for tolls), car navigator in English, insurance, and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) all included in the price. It also shows the map of the rental office for easy location.

For families, the cars also include child seat for children from 0 to over 4 years old at an addition of $12. In case there are changes to your travel plan, you can cancel for free up to 7 days before the start date. You will only pay in full at the rental office on the date of rental. All major credit cards are accepted.


I completed the booking all within 5 minute. The instructions are clear and  it is pretty user friendly. Now my transportation in Kagoshima is settle, I can start planning my route and look forward to a good road trip in Kagoshima.

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To be continued......





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