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Learning Journey about Japan
Lessons from the land of Pikachu"


Produced by WASABI Creation


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“Learning Journey about Japan” brings you through a series of lectures, workshops, and field trips to discover the secret of success of popular Japanese brands you can find in Singapore. It serves as a source of inspiration, innovation, valuable learning points for business development, as well as a great reference for self-improvement. 


WASABI Creation is a boutique consulting firm bridging Japan & Singapore in terms of business, culture, and travel.

With our deep knowledge of Japan, we have created Learning Journeys, which are customisable education programs to learn more about Japan, and how we can apply them in our lives and professions.

We have a network of Japanese companies and partners in Singapore, who will share with us about their businesses, philosophies, strategies, and experiences they have in Japan and overseas. 

As part of our programs, we organise Learning Journey in Singapore where we are able to learn about Japan in the aspects of:

  1. Culture & Philosophy 

  2. Technologies & innovations

  3. Success stories and failure


Learning Journeys in the past

IMG_E8706 copy.jpg

Learning Journey program in Singapore

A visit to East Japan Rail Company (Singapore)

Nov 2019

WASABI Creation together with our educational partner organised a company visit to East Japan Rail Company's Singapore branch office for 2 groups of secondary school teachers from Singapore. Although most Singaporeans would know JR as the operator of trains, especially the famous bullet trains in Japan, little is known about the many other businesses JR East is running in Japan, as well as in Singapore. 

The manager from JR East gave a presentation about the company's rail and non-rail businesses in Japan, such as real estate, retail and lifestyle businesses. In Singapore, JR East also runs Japan Rail Cafe located in Tanjong Pagar, JW360 a cafe & retail shop at Jewel Changi, as well as One & Co, a newly opened co-working space located in CBD.


"Japanese Business Culture & Manners"


1st Mar 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong held a seminar sharing his experiences and insights on doing business in Japan, in particular on the topic of "Japanese Business Culture & Manners". 

Tong shared from his own personal experience overs the years while he has been working in Japan, and doing business with Japanese companies. As he grew up and went through the education system in Singapore, knowing the language didn't seem to have prepared him enough to work in Japan as a fresh graduate. Tong talked about the episodes he had encountered all these years, and cover some of the basics about "Japanese Business Culture & Manner".


  • Japanese business culture 101, how are the Japanese thinking?

  • Exchanging business cards

  • Visiting & hosting a Japanese company

  • Useful Japanese expressions for business

More information: Business in Japan~  "Japanese Business Culture & Manners"


"How SMU MBA Students can prepare themselves in working with the Japanese?"


6th Jul 2018​

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong was invited by SMU MBA Class to speak at "Japanese Business Night". Tong shared about his experiences when he was working as a fresh graduate in Japan, and talked about Japanese business culture that is unique and special to non-Japanese people. 

Tong also talked about basic Japanese business etiquette, such as exchanging business cards, and seating positions for Japanese business meetings. The MBA students shown great interest with many questions.


The event ended with a party serving Sushi for everyone.

Lecture by JETRO

"Omotenashi... Revealing the secrets of Japan's hospitality" by Ishikawa Prefecture (Singapore)


"Omotenashi" is the philosophy behind Japan's hospitality. From hosting their guests at home, it is further extended to tea ceremony, customer service, product design, and many other aspects of life. Such way of thought and care for detail set it apart from the rest of the world, and formed part of the unique experience for travellers in Japan.


Representatives from Ishikawa Prefecture Government Singapore Office shared with us the differences in hospitality between Singapore and Japan, as we introduced what Omotenashi really means. As the number of Singaporean tourists to Japan increases, the concept of Omotenashi has come to their attention and becomes a large part of what makes Japan so attractive.

Read more at "Omotenashi... Revealing the secrets of Japan's hospitality"

Workshop by Hoshino Coffee

"Brewing Now! Japan's Coffee & Cafe Culture"


We have invited Managing Director of Hoshino Coffee Singapore, Mr Kengo Sakai to speak to us about coffee and cafe culture in Japan. 

At this event, Mr. Sakai shared with us his experience in the F&B business, his passion about coffee. He also made comparison and contrast of the cafe business between Japan and Singapore. Participants also had a chance to made your own hand-drip coffee for coffee tasting.

Read more at 

WASABI Discovery vol.4 "Brewing Now! Japan's Coffee & Cafe Culture"

Presentation by Japanese Biotech Company

“Cultivate the Earth! Japan’s agriculture & Biotechnology”

We have invited Mr. Kengo Fukui from Chitose Agriculture Initiative to share with us about interesting trends and stories about agriculture in Japan, introducing "Farm-to-Table" concept, which each prefecture is to create their own vegetable and fruits brand, secrets of how famers in Japan can produce one of the best quality fruits and vegetable in the world, as well as his observation in Singapore on Organic, Urban farming.

Many agriculture companies, and urban farmers from Singapore attended the event to learn from Mr. Kengo, and exchanged ideas and information surrounding the topics. The speaker also brought along strawberries harvested from their farm at Cameron Highland, which were to be shared with all participants. 

Read more at 

WASABI Discovery vol.2 “Cultivate the Earth! Japan’s agriculture & Biotechnology”

Train Culture & Sake Appreciation Workshop

by JR East & Japanese food importer & distributor


WASABI Discovery is a casual presentation and meet-up event for the world to make new discovery about Japan and its people. At each event, we invite a couple of special guests to share and discuss about culture, people, happenings, or simply any topic from Japan that is worth discovering. We will also engage the participants in the conversation to make comparisons and contrasts with the local or other countries. 

At WASBI Discovery vol.1, we have invited speakers from JR East, and IPPIN Cafe Bar, to tell us more about the bullet train culture, ekiben, and the stories behind these topics. We also had very nice Japanese food provided by IPPIN, sake tasting for 3 types of sakes that are hard to find even in Tokyo. The speakers had interesting discussion with the participants, who are all very interested in Japan's culture, travel, and lifestyle. 

Read more at WASABI Discovery vol.1 "Japan Travel: the Paths Less Travelled"

Program Workflow (customisable)

2. Lecture

Learn about the details of various  topic from an experienced trainer with actual case studies

1. Research

Conduct reseach to find out about facts on the topics and complete a pre-assignment

4. Assignment

Complete the given assignment or report with all the learning points

3. Field Trip

Visit important sites and tour places of interest to gain first hand experiences on the ground

5. Presentation

Discuss among participants and present the group work to conclude the program

Learning Outcome

Here are some of the questions which you will find out the answers from our Learning Journeys.

  1. How this Japanese brand started and what is their history?

  2. How has this company transformed itself over the years to what it is today?

  3. What are some of the innovations that make them the leader in the industry?

  4. What are the company’s philosophy that have helped them survived and succeed through the years?

  5. How are they running their business overseas that is different from Japan?

  6. What are the new businesses they have started overseas that are not available in Japan?

  7. What are their plans to adapt to market changes and new business trends?



For companies or individual who are interested to participate in any of the Learning Journeys or customised programs, kindly use the contact form or provide the information to

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