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Japan Travel Blog

Tokushima - Kyoto - Tokyo

21~28 June 2019

by Tong, CEO WASABI Creation

Hotel Vischio Kyoto (1): Where Business Meets Leisure


When it comes to hotels, everyone has their own preferences. Some will regard the spaciousness as a deal-breaker, while others may not be too fussy as long as the accommodation is of walking distance to the nearest station.


Safe to say, there is no pleasing everyone. However, if I may say so myself, Hotel Vischio Kyoto cuts pretty close to the perfect hotel. As a business consultant, I am always travelling for work. This time round, following my trip to Tokushima for an inbound tourism project, I travelled to Kyoto for some business matching activities with a Singaporean company.

Opting for coach, I arrived at Kyoto Station. Though Kyoto is known for its ancient charm, bamboo forests and professional geishas making hasty steps along cobbled streets, its main station is surprisingly modern. Even though I have lived and worked in Kyoto for five years, I am somehow always taken aback by the hustle and bustle of it all.


Literally at a stone’s throw away, I arrived at my recommended accommodation - Hotel Vischio Kyoto. The hotel is a short 2 min walk from the Hachijoguchi exit, which shouldn’t be a surprise as it is run by West Japan Railway Company after all. More commonly referred to JR-West, one of the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), the company operates hotels and shopping centres, on top of its intricate railway services that spans across Japan.


Visitors will find that no matter the mode of transportation to Kyoto Station, the hotel is an easy reach from there.

For international travellers arriving at Kansai International Airport, the best way will be to take an airport limousine bus (located just right outside the arrival hall). After a comfortable 1.5-hour ride, the bus will drop you off at Kyoto Station and you can easily navigate your way from there. Easy, convenient and economical – there’s no going back to Haruka Express after this.


Stepping in, one is immediately welcomed by the generous space of the hotel lobby, with natural light pouring in from all sides. Checking in was a breeze, as expected, with attentive and efficient service from the Japanese staff.


Cash strapped from all the shopping? Not to fret, If you run out of Japanese yen, there is also a currency exchange machine in the lobby, providing exchange for 12 foreign currencies.

Despite its minimalistic concept, there are many facilities. Self-check-in kiosk are prominently located for customers who prefer to check in themselves. Besides Japanese, the default language can be changed to foreign languages like English, Chinese and Korean, so not to worry if you don’t speak Japanese. I tried my hand at the machine before I left, and it took less than 30 seconds.


Unlike other hotels where the amenities will only be replenished after room service, customers can take their pick from the amenities corner near the lobby. From neatly wrapped cotton buds to compact shower caps, one can take what they actually need. Just be careful not to go overboard with the freebies.


Doesn’t matter if you are a tea person, or a coffee person, Hotel Vischio Kyoto’s got your back. Apart from sachets upon sachets of the hotel’s own blend of hojicha and green tea, they also carry the popular Kyoto Kogawa Coffee.


Nothing says ‘Welcome!’ like a personalised TV screen with my name on it.


Incredibly spacious room. I have been to too many hotel rooms with less than ideal walking space, where I have to leave my luggage half opened, much to my chagrin.


In any case, nothing beats a nice, clean and comfortable bed for the night. It is important to have a good rest after a busy day jam-packed with meetings and having to navigate your way in a foreign country.


Affixed within arm’s reach and conveniently at the side of my bed, there is a control panel for the lights and USB charging ports for charging all my gadgets: phone, camera, pocket Wi-Fi, electric fan and power banks.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, I usually order online from Japanese companies and have it delivered to my hotel. An email to the hotel and it will be safeguarded at the reception until my arrival. As compared to the ones you can get at Changi Airport, it is significantly cheaper at about S$2 per day or less, depending on the type of plan you get. If you are interested to know how to go about with rental procedures, I am more than happy to share.


Again, pretty rare to have such a luxury of space in a Japanese hotel, especially useful for some coffee while I get some work done.


The bathroom is particularly spacious and atypical of Japanese bathrooms, as the showerhead are normally fixed atop the bath tub.

The toilet, wash basin, and the bathroom are all separated, leaving a lot of space for comfort and convenience while you wash up.


Since the hotel is right next to Kyoto Station, there are many shopping and eating places nearby. Right next to the hotel is Kyoto Avanti (, where you can find a Don Quijote outlet, otherwise affectionately referred to in Singapore as Don Don Donki.  


If that is not enough, the Kyoto Station building is a mega shopping center by itself. Known as The Cube (, one will be bedazzled by the sheer amount of shops within the space, housing an multi-storey Isetan, Kyoto Ramen Koji (Ramen street: with specialty ramen from all over Japan and Porta underground shopping mall.  

There are is also Kyoto Yodobashi and Bic Camera in close proximity  (


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To be continued......





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