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Kanagawa - Kogoshima - Hokkaido (est. 5500km)

15~31 August 2018, Summer

by Tong, CEO WASABI Creation

7. Hokkaido Rental Car Tour by JTB Hokkaido: Day 1


By the time, we had met up with all participants at Shin-Chitose Airport, check-in to our hotel room, it is already evening time. The first destination, just right in front of our hotel, I was back at Otaru Canal, but this time, we were going to take the boat ride along the canal in a guided tour. 

In the photo above is an old abandoned factory which used to manufacture soy sauce, standing between the sea and Otaru Canal.


While I was thinking there was not much to do at night at Otaru, our private bus took us half way up a mountain, where we took a cable car, Otaru Tenguyama ropeway (小樽天狗山ロープウェイ) to the peak. Although it was already Summer in August, it was pretty chilling at the top. Tengu is one of the legendary gods in Japan who is believed to live in the mountains and deep forest. From there you can have a a view of Otaru city below.


There is also a Tengu museum where a huge collection of Tengu masks are on display. Tengu has a distinct fierce looking red face and long nose, you can also find it at various parts of Japan, such as Kurama in Kyoto. Since Hokkaido is the coldest place in Japan, people has to deal with huge amount of snow every winter. At the museum, you can also see many artefacts, such as snow ski, and other tools to battle the snowy weather.


That evening, for our first meal of the trip, we had a very special menu for dinner. Japan is famous for Karaage, a kind of boneless, bite size, fried chicken. We went to a fried chicken restaurant, however, from the name of the restaurant, it says "Naruto Fried Half Chicken". To our realisation, the popular menu here is really a fried half chicken for each diner that comes with tofu, reddish pickles, rice and miso soup. I love fried chicken, but this is the first time I have eaten fried chicken in this way in Japan. 

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