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Voyagin Party in Kyoto

Discover & share amazing, unique travel experiences in Kyoto
Have you ever thought that your knowledge about Kyoto, your experience & skills, or simply being yourself can bring amazing, unique experiences to tourists? 
We have entered a “Sharing Economy” decades ago by sharing books in libraries, sharing DVDs & game in rental stores, and it has expanded to sharing accommodation in guesthouses & B&Bs, sharing cars by carpooling, as well as sharing offices at coworking spaces. In this “Sharing Economy”, instead of buying, we borrow from others for a reasonable price. Instead of keeping things to ourselves we share it with others who need them at a low cost. In the end, we all get what we wanted, and at the same time make a few new friends. 
With Voyagin (, you can now be part of this “Sharing Economy” by sharing your knowledge about Kyoto, your experience & skills that will bring amazing, unique experiences to tourists from far & near. Join in our Voyagin community in Kyoto, and let’s start sharing. 


Date & Time: Nov 1st 2013, Friday, 1900~2100



Oinai Karasuma Coworking Space (see map)                

Subway “Karasuma Oike" Station Exit 5, 5 min by foot

Subway "Shijo" Station or "Hankyu "Karasuma" Station Exit 21, 5min by foot

ADRESS:〒604-8152 京都市中京区烏丸通蛸薬師南入る手洗水町 647 トキワビル4-B


Cost:                Free




  1. Voyagin video screening

  2. Introduction on Voyagin (Japanese & English)

    1. Concept of  “Shared Economy” & Voyagin

    2. Sharing amazing, unique travelling experiences in Kyoto

  3. Hear from Voyagin’s hosts: The Last Sumurai, etc

  4. Networking party with drinks & snacks 


To register kindly email your name & nationality to


About Voyagin

"Travel companies give you an itinerary.
Voyagin helps you discover and book otherworldly experiences"


We believe that there isn’t one world, but that we live in a multiverse with many different cultures, religions, languages, and personalities. We believe that the best part of traveling is the ability to meet people and view the world in a different perspective. Until now, these encounters have been greatly facilitated by luck.


Meet Voyagin: our mission is to increase your chances and facilitate interactions to one-of-a-kind otherworldly experiences. Whether that’s achieving Buddhist enlightenment in the mountains, making new friends while enjoying a traditional meal with a family in Japan, getting a glimpse of world’s hidden underwater treasures with divers that love and respect the ocean is completely up to you. Anyone can experience something new, at any price point, whether you’re a food lover, into the offbeat or just want to to relax. We hope you’ll enjoy both the journey and the different values you experience.


We’re not just building a marketplace, we’re building a community.

Some amazing, unique expereinces in Japan on Voyagin

The Voyagin Team


The Voyagin Team is a young, energetic, and international bunch of people who loves travelling, making friends from around the world, discovering & sharing amazing, unique experiences to other travellers in Asia.


Curretntly, the team is spreaded across Tokyo, Kansai, and Singapore, while making occasional trips to other destinations in Asia to discover facinating expereinces for everyone. 


Voyagin also work with interns & volunteers who also beleive in sharing our local knowledge and expereinces with foreign visitors. Togther we create a sharing community in Japan, as well as in various parts of the world. 


Send us a mail with your self introduction, and join us as a volunteer now.



This seminar is produced by WASABI Creation, “International Event Design by International People”.

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