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Tong Cheuk Fung

Japan & Asean business consultant/ travel/ lifestyle

About Tong


Tong Cheuk Fung is the CEO & Founder of WASABI Creation, a business consultant in bridging businesses between Japan & Asean, for new market expansion, and overseas marketing.

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Singapore, started his career in Japan, Tong set up his own company in 2014 to support businesses with his cross-boarder experiences & diverse network across Japan & Asean.

Japan Travel


Tong travels to Japan every year for business trips & assignments, such as consulting for Japan inbound tourism, and influencer marketing. Even having lived in Japan for 5 years, Tong never fail to continue discovering amazing things from Japan. 

Being multilingual, he is able to share his travel experiences in English, Japanese, Mandarin, & Cantonese.

Traveling in Asia


As a business consultant, Tong often travel to various Asian countries for business, networking and leisure.


Some of the places he frequents include Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The streets, the locals' way of lives, history, heritage, crafts, food, and creativities are his sources of inspiration. 

Online Presence

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Newsletters are regularly sent out to WASABI Creation's clients, partners, and its business networks to share about the company's latest activities, and relevant business news and information.

From the many years into the business, the company has built a huge network across the globe.



Over the past 10 years of building business network online, Tong has built an online networking of professionals, such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Founders, Business owners from SMEs, as well as MNCs. This online professional network continues to grow.



Tong manages several Facebook groups and pages for different interest groups, sharing relevant information, and announcements.



In 2017, Tong was invited by Ishikawa Prefecture to participate in a travel TV show introducing Kanazawa, which was broadcasted over 10 countries in Asia.

Japanese Crafts Reborn


In 2018, Tong started WASABI Colabo, a project on new product design project by incorporating traditional Japanese crafts into modern everyday products by collaborating with designers and makers inside & outside of Japan. 

Other Interests


Besides Japan, here are Tong's other interests:

  • Motorcycle (class 2 license)

  • Boating (leisure boat license)

  • Mountain biking

  • Multiculturism

  • Coffee

  • Food

  • 360 photography & video

  • Nature & Outdoor

  • Gardening

  • Traveling

  • Fitness