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The Uncharted Friends

Business Development Sekininsha (BDS)



A newly formed startup, with the purpose of providing a e-concierge solution to hostels, on top of a social element for tourists to interact and collaborate.

We have the industry experts as mentors, first customers and a working concept.

All we are lacking is you, an entrepreneurial core team member. Having you onboard to help in interacting and  Japanese tourists and the eventual expansion into Japan.



Brought about by the passion of a team in the travel indutry and supported by the industry expertise in the Tourism-Hospitality sector, of the largest hostel chain in Singapore spanning multiple countries.

We seek to change how you travel and see the world, that travellers be able to collaborate and explore together through leveraging local services.

Unwavering in our belief to never stop exploring.

To liberate you with our tailored social platform of integrated native services, to bring out the explorer within.



Job Description

The BDS will be oversee for the Japanese arm of the company. He/she will be responsibile for supporting the execution and delivery of the Japanese interface in Singapore and will eventually be progress to take the helm as CEO (Japan).


Likely be based in Singapore till early 2016, where the mobile application will be developed, launched and tested. Thereafter to be able take the idea to run a team based in Japan. We are looking for strong entrepreneurial team members to join us, with access to strong industry mentors, for you to be able to dive deep into starting a new business.



Key Responsibilities

  • Hire and manage a team for the Japanese arm

  • Gather insights on Japanese tourists to Singapore

  • Research on UI/UX for the Japanese version of the mobile application

  • Do the copywriting for mobile application

  • Help facilitate partnerships with Japanese companies and entities

  • Run focus groups, garner feedback and insights


Job Requirements

  • Billingual, preferably Japanese or have lived in Japan

  • Must be a resilient, team oriented, with excellent presentation and communication skills, including strong oral and writing capabilities

  • Ability to work on projects independently

  • To be able to in Singapore for at least the next 6 months

  • Adaptable to new working environments

  • Preferable with entreprenuerial experience, exposure to the startup or travel scene

  • Passion in Travel Technology

  • Leadership qualities to run a team

  • Self-starter as well as team player with a strong sense of accountability and responsibility

  • To multi-task while under pressure of deliverables and deadlines.

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

  • Fast learner, able to pick up new skillsets where necessary


Salary range

  • From 2500SGD to 5000SGD 

  • Depending on skills & experience

  • Equity option



For those in interested, do drop us an email with your self introduction and resume by 30th June 2015.

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