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Rental a Proche

Porche Boxster (2002)
Body type:   2 seater convertible/cabriolet
Number of doors:  2
Transmission:  5-speed manual
Maximum speed:  253 km/h (157 mph)
0 to 100km/h:  6.40s
Engine capacity:  2.7 litre, 2687 cc (163.971 cu in)
Fuel tank capacity:  64 litres


Get it for:

• Bridal car
• Wedding anniversary

• VIP transfer

• Promotions

•Special moments

•Photo/ video shoot

• Anytime you feel like it

The experience of riding in a great car for special occasions is often unforgettable, not to mention in beautiful Japan; the cities, the mountains, the river, the sea, & the four seasons. 

Here we offer you a convertible Porche Boxter to enhance your experiences even further....

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