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47RONIN is the first global residential coworking space in Japan! (According to us) We opened our doors in June 2013, and we already had many visitors from around the world, and coworkers (Ronins) who are global, talented, & entrepreneurial.



On 2nd Oct Wed, we will be having our first “Jelly” event. “Jelly” is a casual gathering at a place like coworking space for anyone to experience coworking, meet new people, & have fun. Members from other coworking spaces in Kyoto will be joining us too.

(Find out more about “Jelly” here.



Hence, we are inviting members of any coworking space, or simply anyone interested in coworking to join us to do some work, meet new people, have some snacks & drink, and learn something new from some amazing presentations by some of our Ronin members. 


Date & Time:      2nd Oct 2013 Wed

10am~3pm         Coworking

               (feel free to bring your laptop to work on your stuffs)

3pm~5pm           Presentation & networking

                              (feel free to come & leave anytime.)         


Cost:           500yen for all

Venue:       47RONIN~ Global Residential Coworking in Kyoto



Jelly Kyoto @ 47RONIN

Experiencing Coworking

October 2nd 2013 Wednesday


10am ~ 3pm: Experience coworking at 47RONIN (free coffee, Wifi, electricity)


3pm ~ 5pm: Presentation by Ronins & others (Pecha Kucha style 20x20)


  1. Tong: 47RONIN, Global Residential Coworking in Kyoto

  2. Hiro Shinohara: How I startup?

  3. Yayoi Komori: Japan With You, Introducing Japan to the world with creative Youtube videos

  4. Jon Levy: Singer Song Writer, Presentation & Performance

  5. Hassan: a UK mangaka in Kyoto

  6. Tokiko Uemura: Yamashina Time, a micro newsletter for the locals & more.

  7. Kenji: Freelance Filmmaking. Can I Make A Living With A Camera?

  8. Alexander Farrell: The Happy Freelancer, What makes freelancing a fulfilling and worthy career?


About the presenters



International Event Designer, Networker

Founder, 47RONIN: Global Residential Cowowrking Space

Founder, WASABI Creation: international event design & management

Project Director, We Are One Japan: international community in west Japan

"I was born in Hong Kong, grew up & received my education in Singapore, & started my career & businesses in Kansai Japan. Now based in Kyoto, I believe being international is the key to success in this highly globalised world. "No one can stop globalisation. You can choose to have global collaboration or isolation." I define being international as being able to "communicate with the world", "be aware of happenings around the world", & "collaborate with people around the world". Hence, I am actively organising events & creating networks to help myself & others to become global talents & winners of globalisation."


Hiro Shinohara

"Macintosh made me a computer kid. And Netscape told me what should I do in my life.

I started my career as a freelance web developer when I graduated high school. Then 2 years later I founded my first company called "messaliberty" to handle bigger projects. As messaliberty, I got funded by angel investors and VCs to focus on in-house apps and online businesses.

After that, I started to work with some giant companies and international startups to help their product development, business development, team building and online marketing.

Until recently, I traveled a lot between Japan and Singapore to work for some startups. As a director or an advisor I helped to run an iOS app business, and a hosting business.

I failed a lot, and made a few success. And I've learned an important fact.

Life is short. But there're too many complicated stuff. I need to make it simple. That's what I'm doing right now."


Yayoi Komori

Ronin #5

Youtuber of Japanese culture.

Founder, JapanWithU

"I am a Youtuber and I introduce Japanese culture to the world. My YouTube channel started in 2011, and has now reached 9,000 subscribers and is still growing. My 7 years of PR experiences at global company opened my eyes to the world. I have to admit that non-Japanese people sometime hardly understand our customs, ways of thinking and culture ...etc, so I started JapanwithU! I explain about Japan very casually, but always try to focus on the insight of Japanese. I would love to collaborate with anyone who has similar passions and wish that this project will strengthen Japanese and overseas people's ties. I live in Osaka, but often drop in at 47RONIN, a very cozy but exciting place. Let's have a wonderful experience. "


Jon Levy

(Pronounced Leevee, Australia/ New Zealand), Ronin#4

Singer Song Writer

Jon Levy Music

"Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Jon Levy is an Australian/New Zealander singer and songwriter. Primarily a guitarist, Jon’s independent debut release in 2009 “Half A World Away” combines his love for pop songwriting and pays tribute to the guitar stylings of Eric Clapton. Jon was accepted to Berklee College of Music on Scholarship in 2006 and began his studies majoring in Music Production and Engineering. Studying with fellow Kyoto native Tomo Fujita, who also taught the likes of John Mayer and Eric Krasno (Soulive,) Jon learned to find his style as a guitar player, heavily influenced by the blues and Tommy Emmanuel. 

Graduating in 2009 Jon moved to Los Angeles, CA for two years to work as an artist and engineer/producer. Jon's recent material reflects his new love for Folk and Country music, the likes of James Taylor and Johnny Cash, while still maintaining flavors of his original influences like The Beatles and Sting."


Hassan: a UK mangaka in Kyoto

Hailing from London, England, Hassan Graham is an up and coming self-taught manga artist with a great passion for the artistic elements of the medium as well as the story telling both in the written form and the visual narrative. Graduated with an animation degree in the summer of 2011. Moved to Japan in winter that same year to pursue a greater understanding of the business and the culture, and a career as a professional manga artist.






Tokiko Uemura

"After graduating from Ritsumekan University, Tokiko has been a mathematic & IT teacher in junior high school, high school, and tuition centre SOWA. She also makes iPhone applications for educational purposes. Born and rised in Kyoto, she is going to start a local newsletter for Yamashina from next year. "









(USA. Hawaii), Ronin#2

Assistant Language Teacher, Film Maker

Founder, Usolee

"Tong help me quit my job teaching English so that I could focus 100% on my passion: filmmaking. Well, at least that’s the plan. Currently I am still in the classroom and loving every minute of it. When the last bell rings and the school doors close I return to my home studio where I release my inner nocturnal beast. The remainder of the evening is usually spent feasting on creative endeavours. 

My dream is to own a big ship and name her ‘Sensei.’ Basically, I will turn a big ship into one of the best learning environments in the world and staff the ship with the best of the best from every corner of the globe. "


Alexander Farrell

(USA), Ronin#7

Freelance Translator

Japanese to English Translator: News, Video Games, Manga

"I'm a freelance Japanese to English translator who has been living in Japan for over a decade. I know a lot about living and doing business in Japan, and I would be happy to share that knowledge with other members. What I hope to get out of being a Ronin is to meet and learn about people from diverse backgrounds and professions in order to expand my general knowledge and make friends."


This seminar is produced by WASABI Creation, “International Event Design by International People”.

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