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Japan Film Festivals









Tell your stories to the people

in the Land of the Rising Sun

There are many film festivals big and small

throughout Japan's 47 prefectures every year.

WASABI Creation helps film makers around the world

to showcase your creative works,

and tell your stories to the people of Japan. 




Film Festivals in Japan 
There are more than 100 films festivals in Japan every year. These film festivals welcome  films from around the world to be part of their celebration. However, due to language and cultural barriers, only few films make it to the screens of these film festivals in Japan.
We believe good stories should be shared regardless of language or culture. We believe we can bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world by assisting film makers to showcase their work in front of the audience of Japan. 
How it works?
  1. We help filmmakers from around the world to submit their works to film festivals in Japan.
  2. We provide a list of film festivals in Japan that accepts foreign films.
  3. Film makers will complete and submit an application form to before the given deadlines. 
  4. We will translate the information in the application form into Japanese and submit them to the film festival organisers.
  5. We also provides English-Japanese subtitle translation service by bilingual Japanese natives. 
  6. The film festival organisers will conduct the judging process and select the award winners according to their judging criteria. We will help to communicate between the organisers and the filmmakers when additional information is needed. 
  7. We will contact the filmmakers when they have received an award, with follow up procedures. 
What are the costs?
  1. Application submission (comes with a list of film festivals in Japan) - US$100
  2. First application submission - US$400 per film
  3. Subsequent submission to other film festivals    - US$200 per film
  4. English-Japanese subtitle translation - US$0.30 per source word
  5. Japanese subtitle embedding - US$150 per 10min
* Additional administration fee applies for incompletion of information from filmmakers, and additional requests.
We believe in working with film festivals that supports film makers, especially independent film makers who are contributing their creativity and sharing their stories to the world. 
Join Now
Download and return the Application Form to and you will receive a list of film festivals in Japan that accepts foreign films. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

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For enquiries please contact:

TEL :     +65 86567631


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