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Call for Entries for Film Festivals 

We gather the best films from around the world for your film festivals

Calling for entries for your upcoming film festival could be a challenging task, especially if you are targeting specific types of fim-makers, and going beyond your own country of network. 

WASABI Creation has years of experience in calling for entries for film festivals, and has built a huge data base of film-makers of different genres, countries, and age groups. 
If you are planning your next film festival, let us help you to gather the best films from around the world. 
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How it works?

  1. Tell us about your film festival, and the requirement for film submission.
  2. Send us an application form for entry submission to your film festival.
  3. We will conduct a global marketing of your film festival to call for entries.
  4. We will collect the application form and film entries from the film makers on the behalf of your film festival.
  5. We will update you about the number of entries we have collected over the marketing period.
  6. We will ensure the entries meet the requirement of your film festival. 
  7. We will send all application form and film entries to you by email or upload to your server. 

How much does it cost?


  1. There will be a basic service fee of US$500 for engaging our service.
  2. You will be charged for each successful film entry that meets your film festival's requirement. 
  3. The cost of each successful film entry is from US$50 depending on the requirement needed, the total volume of entries required, and your budget. 
  4. Therefore US$500 + US$50 x no. of entries = the total cost.
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