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Event Marketing & Customer Engagement
Marketing, Branding, Positioning, Customer Engagement, Prospecting, Lead-generation, Product showcase, Surveying, and targetted selling, all can be done in a single event hosted by your company



Produced by WASABI Creation



WASABI Creation is specialized in organizing events with targeted attendees for B2B businesses for event marketing and customer engagement. While most event companies put up wonderful venue setup, audio & visual, food & beverages, WASABI Creation takes many steps further by ensuring the right people turn up at the door, helping our clients to engage these prospects, and eventually converting them to actual sales. Our focus is to position our clients as the subject experts in their domains, and build a fan base of prospects, customers, and partners from these marketing events.

Value Proposition


Targeted event marketing to ensure the right people will attend the event to achieve the goal of the client such as:


  • Warm lead generation

  • Positioning of the company

  • Raising brand awareness

  • Maintaining customer relationship

  • Showcasing new products & services

  • Customer education

Output for our clients



  1. A contact list of targeted prospects which include: company name, name of person, job title, email address (including those who attended the event and those absent)

  2. Name cards of participants at the event

  3. Survey result received at the event on participants’ interests and needs of our client’s products and services.



  1. Positioning for our client as the subject expert in the particular field

  2. Increase brand awareness of our client among existing customers, new prospects, and the industry

  3. An effective opportunity to get in touch with old prospects that yet to have any business relationship

  4. Putting the staff as the faces of the company to foster better relationship with customers

  5. Opportunity to showcase our client’s products, services, and capability to many prospects at the same time

  6. Opportunity to educate customers on new products and services of our client

  7. Reduce cold-calling and create warm-leads to be converted to sales

Work Flow


  1. A meeting with our client to find out about their business, their market segment, and their goals

  2. Submit proposal for the event concept

  3. Finalizing the event details

  4. Event planning

  5. Request information, design work, and necessary materials for event preparation

  6. Commencement of targeted marketing

  7. Preparation for the event

  8. Update client about event registration status towards the event date

  9. Briefing & training for client on the following topics to be conducted by professional trainers: (Optional)

    1. How to Benefit from Networking Events & Engaging Customers

    2. Logical Presentation & Public Speaking

    3. Solution Selling & Question Method

  10. Event execution

  11. Post event follow up with new prospects by client

  12. Setting up appointment with new prospects by client

  13. Evaluation of event result

  14. Preparation for the next event

Past events


1. Client: HR Consultancy & Corporate training company

  • Event type: Seminar & Networking

  • Target audience: HR Managers, Managing Directors

  • Number of participants: 58

  • Number of new prospects: 39 (67%)

  • Preparation time: 1month


2. WASABI Insight 1

  • Partner: LinkedIn 

  • Event type: Seminar & Networking

  • Target audience: Japanese companies & other company with interest in Japan

  • Number of participants: 150

  • Number of new prospects: 100 (66%)

  • Preparation time: 3month


3. WASABI Insight 2

  • Partner: Amazon Webservices 

  • Event type: Seminar & Networking

  • Target audience: Japanese companies & other company with interest in Cloud computing, IT, and Japanese market

  • Number of participants: 70

  • Number of new prospects: 45 (64%)

  • Preparation time: 2month



There will be a “basic event organizing fee” for covering the cost of the event. However, more importantly, we focus on the number of new prospects, reconnecting old-leads, and building customer relationship that we can achieve for our clients. We ensure that these new prospects qualify the requirement set out by our clients.

Each quotation is unique base on the requirements from our clients.

Contact Us:



Tel/ Whatsapp: +65 865 67631 (Singapore)

Line: hamamatsu1999

WeChat: UncleTongcf

WASABI Creation Pte. Ltd.

190 Clemenceau Avenue

#06-03 Singapore 239924

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