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Language & Communication consultation for business executives



Language and communication skills are vital for business success. It is especially true when working in Singapore where it is a melting pot of local culture together with a high influx of cosmopolitans from around the world. From meeting new clients, presentation of business proposals, negotiation, to closing the deal, a good understanding of the local lingual & culture, as well as familiarizing yourself with some international business practices will certainly give you an edge and additional trust over your competitors. 


If you even wonder why your business partners & colleagues are not responding to your requests, or you have difficulty understanding your suppliers & clients, contact us for a free consultation. Our consultants will assist you in your language & communication skills while bridging the cultural gap you may have for a successful business in Singapore. 

About WASABI Communication


WASABI Communication helps Japanese executives & business owners like yourself to kick start your new lives & careers in Singapore by providing coaching & consultation on language & communication skills, understanding of cultural differences, and information on Singapore for business & living.


Our consultants understand that living overseas can be worrying due to many uncertainties and being unfamiliar with the language, culture, administrative system, and lack of contacts for support.

With our understanding of Japanese culture and being local Singaporeans, we are here to make Singapore your second home. 


Our Services

WASABI Communication provides private consultation on language & communication skills for solving business problems to professional individuals. Content of our services are highly customizable & flexible.

The sessions are conducted in English as far as possible with support in Japanese when needed, to maximize the learning volume of our clients.


Depending on our clients’ needs and concern, our consultation sessions can be customized with the following contents.

  1. English communication for business

  • English conversation for presentation, meetings, and negotiation

  • English discussion on current affairs & work related topics

  • Email communication


  1. Business communication consultation

  • Solve problems for work place communication

  • Examine & understanding cultural differences for business success


  1. Business culture & etiquette

  • Examine & understand Singapore business culture & etiquettes

  • Chinese communication for building relationships


  1. Consultation & Information for business

  • Provide relevant information & advice on setting up & doing business in Singapore


  1. Chinese language lessons for all levels

  • Conduct Chinese lessons from beginner to advance level, for daily usage in Singapore to business communication.

  • Since over 70% of Singapore’s population is ethic Chinese, and business activities with mainland Chinese has increased tremendously in recent years, mastering the Chinese language will be an inevitable advantage for business.

A typical session with a Japanese Engineer or businessman would be something like the following.


  1. Discussion on business or work situation

    1. Update of recent work situation by the client to highlight any problem faced at work.

    2. Discuss with the consultant to find out the root cause of the problem.

    3. Examine whether a difference in culture & perception, or misunderstanding could be the cause to the problem.

    4. Suggest possible solution & strategy to tackle the problem.


  1. Email communication

    1. Examine recent email exchanges by the client at work.

    2. Spot and correct grammatical & linguistic errors.

    3. Study and improve on the kind of language & tone used in emails.

    4. Suggest & guide on how to draft any important mails needed by the client.


  1. Current affair

    1. The consultant or the client will pick a suitable article or topic of discussion.

    2. Discuss on the topic while giving our opinions.

    3. Practice on proper expression in English and build confidence in discussing various topics.


  1. Discussion on culture & etiquette

    1. Answer client’s questions on many cultural differences between Japan and Singapore, including business culture and etiquette. 

Our Clients' Testimonials 

Mr. Oka Shoji, 52, Senior Engineer of a pharmaceutical company in Kyoto

"I had been going for English conversation classes in schools such as GABA, however I find that I have benefited the most from Mr. Tong's sessions. I often go to Malaysia for business & deal with Singapore companies, so instead of having an American or British teacher, Mr. Tong being a Singaporean is a lot more insightful on the local language, customs, and culture. Mr. Tong is a businessman himself with business experience in Japan, hence he can really understand the difficulties I face and explain to me in a way that I can easily understand. He often gives me useful advice on how to communicate with our Malaysian & Singaporean partners to achieve success for our projects. Future more, though we speak in English most of the time, Mr. Tong is also fluent in Japanese and he can explain things to me in Japanese when I have difficulty understanding."



Misako Kawazaki, 45, procurement manager of a German engineering company in Shiga

"For my work, I often communicate with suppliers, our company's headquarter and branch offices around the world. Initially I engaged Mr Tong to brush up my English for business, especially for communication over the phone and email. I also consulted him about some communication issues I faced at work, probably due to the different ways of thinking between Japan and other countries. To my delight, after taking his advice, I was able to convince a partner to cancel an invoice that was charged to my company as there was an error in the  delivered goods. I highly recommend Mr Tong to anyone who wish to improve your business communication skills or seek advice for doing businesses with foreigners."



Tomoko Fujizawa, 36, head hunter in a recruitment company

"Although I can always use English for my work and daily life in Singapore, I would very much like to learn Mandarin and some local languages like Singlish since I have the opportunity living in Singapore. However, since most Singaporeans speak English to me all the time, there is no opportunity for me to learn other languages. I am glad to have found Mr. Tong as my Mandarin teacher as he has a lot of experience teaching Mandarin to foreigners in Singapore and Japan. He has materials for learning Mandarin in English and Japanese since he is effectively trilingual. He received Chinese education from Hwa Chong Institution during his student days that is why he has a much stronger foundation in Chinese than many Singaporeans. He continues to use Mandarin for his work and relationship building with people from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Now I am able to use Mandarin for ordering food, small talks with the locals, and watch Chinese movie & TV programs."




WASABI Creation Office (2min from Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
  • Singapore Shopping Centre190 Clemenceau Avenue#06-03 Singapore 239924


About Tong

WASABI Communication is run and managed by Tong, a Singaporean who has spent the last 4 years working & living in Japan. During his time in Japan, he has been active in international marketing & sales, partnership with overseas companies, and other international related matters with Japanese companies in industries such as clean tech, tourism & event management. Tong also participated in the planning stage of Knowledge Capital, a major part of a real estate development called Grand Front Osaka right next to Osaka Station.


Tong is also the language & communication consultant for individual business people in Japan, providing language training & communication solution for his clients.  Base on his engineering background, his experiences with Japanese people & international business, he is able to bridge the gap between Japanese people and their foreign business partners & clients for successful business overseas. He has also coached many Japanese in learning the Chinese language, including deaf people by picking up Japanese sign language for conducting lessons.


Tong is fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese, & Cantonese. He is also actively involved in social projects such as We Are One Japan, Future Shorts film festival, TEDxKyoto, & PechaKuchaNight Osaka



  • English communication for business

  • Business communication consultation

  • Business culture & etiquette

  • Consultation & Information for business

  • Private session from S$550 per month, 4 times a week



  • Chinese language lessons for all levels

  • S$$100 1 person 1.5h

  • S$130 1 person 2h

  • S$130 2 person 1.5h

  • S$150 2 person 2h



A registration fee of S$100 is required for all new clients.

Additional transportation fee is needed for teacher to go to student’s residence or office.

Additional fee is needed for books, video, audio & printed material when they are required.



Cancellation fee

Cancellation is free by phone or email 24h or more before the lesson starts.

Half of the lesson fee will be charged for cancellation made between 24h to 4h before the lesson starts.

A full lesson fee will be charged for cancellation made 4h or less before the lesson starts.

Free consultation

Before you commit to our services, share with me some of the problems you are facing and see how I can help you. I want to make sure our clients will spend quality time with us such that our expertise provides just the right solution to your problems. 


Contact me now or mail to to make an appointment for a free consultation. 


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