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​Be a Travel Journalist

Discover, Share, & be Rewarded (Shiga Prefecture, Japan)
JapanTravel ( aims to become the largest and most trusted reference website for travel to Japan, by creating content and a software platform that facilitates sharing and being shared.
JapanTravel is fast becoming the largest web database of English-language travel articles in Japan, and currently is Japan's only travel site to use a fully enabled English-language user reviews engine. Our goal is to create a massive database of more than 10,000 articles, photos, and videos, and to become the primary hub for travel information in Japan.
We are now inviting you to join us as a Travel Journalist for Shiga Prefecture, to share your passion about Japan's biggest lake: Lake Biwa and the region to the rest of the world, in your perspective. While introducing the "must DOs & must SEEs", show us the way to the unbeaten paths, hidden treasures, and local insights. You are the window for the world for this mysterious & facinating country. 


Example article

What is in it for me?
  • ​Make use of your local knowledge
  • Make use of your language skills
  • Enjoy some travel experiences with our partners for free and write about them
  • Travel & visit interesting places & people
  • Earn points for getting air-tickets, hotel stays, & products from our sponsors
  • Internship opportunity, spice up your resume
Register Now
Join us now, kindly email your resume, a self introduction explaining why you want to be a Travel Journalist to







  1. Native level in one of these languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai.

  2.  Decent writing skill (Professional journalism is not required)

  3. Love travelling & meeting new people 

  4. Living in or willing to travel to Shiga Prefecture

  5. Good photography skill is a bonus





* There is no minimum workload, only contribute at your free time is perfectly alright.  

Reward System

Regular Contributor: Min. 350-word article in English and min. 3 related photos

  • +500

Photo essay with a 60-100-word English introduction, 8 to 12 photos, and engaging captions

  • +500

Min. 3 minute video in MP4 format, either in English or with English captions (coming soon)

  • +500


Redeeming Rewards

Small products (food, drink, etc.)                     500-1,500 pts

Restaurant meals                                                1,500-5,000 pts

Hotel rooms                                                          2,500-25,000 pts

Brandname apparel                                             2,500-10,000 pts

International airfares                                          25,000-75,000 pts


For detail on Reward System see

To signup as a Travel Journalist or internship, kindly email your resume, a self introduction explaining why you want to be a Travel Journalist to





WASABI Creation is the Regional Partner in Shiga Prefecture for Japantourist.

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