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One Day in Kyoto Screening

Tell your story in this ancient capital of Japan

Date & Time:   1st June 2013 Sat, 1830~2200 

Venue:   47RONIN~ Global Coworking for Global People, Kyoto (see map)

Maximum capacity:  40

Cost:   1500yen (screening + drink)

             2500yen (screening + buffet & drink)

* Mini bus pickup available from subway Nagitsuji station exit 1 at 1815h.

Based upon the One Day on Earth experience, One Day in Kyoto is a project that gathers a vibrant and creative community of filmmakers, students and inspired citizens, who are willing to contribute with their voices in the first “simultaneous filming event” held in Kyoto.

Together, we can tell some of the million of stories that occur in one day inside this marvelous, traditional and intriguing city. We are going to show the world an amazing diversity of people, minds, views and thoughts that happen in this special part of the world.

Therefore, this One Day in Kyoto will create, share and present a selection of short-films made by people from different cultures, creeds, and nationalities who live in this city. Together we will make the first step towards a creative community ready to participate in the next One Day on Earth project, and other collective experiences yet to come.

One Day in Kyoto FACEBOOK group

o 1830~1900          Opening, Registration
o 1900~2000          Dinner begins 
o 2000~2130          Presentation & Screening by film makers of One Day in Kyoto

​o 2130~2200          Networking Party


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Kindly RSVP by filling up the form below by 25th May 2013 

or send your enquiry to

About the venue

47 RONIN ~ Global Coworking for Global People

47RONIN is a global residential & coworking space with a network of global innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers, thinkers & doers that reaches out from Kyoto to the rest of Japan, and stretches to any part of the world. 

47RONIN Facebook page

This seminar is produced by WASABI Creation, “International Event Design by International People”.

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