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​Jon Levy's Music Live

"I write songs about the experiences, emotions, and people that we are loved and hurt by."

Date & Time:   26 May 2013 Sun, 1900~2200 

Venue:   47RONIN浪人~ Global Coworking for Global People

(see map)

Maximum capacity:  40

Cost:    1500yen (1drink)

             2500yen (buffet+1drink)

* Mini bus pickup available from subway Nagitsuji station exit 1 at 1845h.


Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Jon Levy is an Australian/New Zealander singer and songwriter. Primarily a guitarist, Jon’s independent debut release in 2009 “Half A World Away” combines his love for pop songwriting and pays tribute to the guitar stylings of Eric Clapton. When seeing Jon live, listeners can expect to hear a cross between a gentle-voiced Sting singing songs penned by the likes of Johnny Cash and The Beatles.





  • 1900~1915  Registration & Mingling
  • 1915~           Buffet starts
  • 1930~           Jon Levy's Music Live (part1)
  • 2000~2030  Break
  • 2030~2100  Jon Levy's Music Live (part2)
  • 2100~2200  More partying


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About the venue

47 RONIN ~ Global Coworking for Global People

47RONIN is a global residential & coworking space with a network of global innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers, thinkers & doers that reaches out from Kyoto to the rest of Japan, and stretches to any part of the world.

47RONIN Facebook page

More on Jon Levy

Even at an early age, family and friends knew that Jon was destined for music. Constantly mesmerized with music and trying to recreate it any chance he got, Jon as a toddler, took to playing saucepans, cardboard drums, and old violins. At the age of eight, after a short stint studying the piano, Jon picked up the guitar and began studying formally and performing immediately. Jon wrote his first song a week after learning his first three chords. He’s been writing ever since.

Jon was accepted to Berklee College of Music on Scholarship in 2006 and began his studies majoring in Music Production and Engineering. Studying with fellow Kyoto native Tomo Fujita, who also taught the likes of John Mayer and Eric Krasno (Soulive,) it was with the help of Tomo that Jon learned to find his style as a guitar player, heavily influenced by the blues and Tommy Emmanuel. Graduating in the summer of 2009 Jon moved to Los Angeles, CA for two years to work as an artist and engineer/producer. Jon is now based out of Kyoto and mainly performs and records throughout Japan. He is also planning tours in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

This seminar is produced by WASABI Creation, “International Event Design by International People”.

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