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Japan National Park for SALE ~ TACHIKUE Gorge in Shimane Prefecture, Izumo City

Untouched Nature 

Uniquely shaped rocks and pillars composed of rocks stretch for 2 kilometers. A mountainous preserve for trace compounds.

Tachikue-kyo is a valley along the Kando-gawa River about 8 kilometers south of Izumo in Shimane. Its geographical features were created by erosion of rocks, represented by andesite, and the area is designated as a national scenic spot, as well as a natural monument. Uniquely shaped rocks and pillar rocks that tower up to 100 to 150 meters above ground continue for about 2 kilometers.

Some of the unique rocks are called Saru-iwa, Eboshi-iwa, Byobu-iwa, Okyo-iwa which looks like piled up o-kyo, or sutras, and Tenchu-ho that resembles the face of a colossal statue of Buddha as seen from the side.

Location & Access



〒693-0216 Shimane Prefecture, Izumo City,

Ottachi-cho Tachikue, Japan

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  • From Tokyou Narita Airport  9 hours
  • Kansai International Airport 6 hours
  • Fukuoka International Airport 6 hours

Land Area: under recalculation done by the Japan government

Land for Sale


Tachikuekyo Valley is privately owned by a Japanese family for several generations. Due to the owner'sfocus on other businesses, the family would like to sell this piece of valuable property to someone who could appreciate the unique characteristic of TACHIKUE Gorge, maintain and develop it for the future generations.

Regardless of nationality, any buyer who is interested are welcome to make enquiry. 

Land of Buddhism


The reason why there are many names related to Buddhism is because the place was used as a compound for mountain ascetics in mountain Buddhism. It's been told that in the vicinity were many buildings that enshrined Buddha. In the center of this valley is Reiko-ji Temple known for Tachikue-yakushi. Passing though the line of five hundred disciples of Buddha who attained Nirvana and one thousand Buddha in a cave here, you can see the vestiges of those days.

There is a promenade set up from the hanging bridge near the bus stop towards the upper stream for about one kilometer. There are huge colonies of iwahiba (selaginella), sekkoku (dendrobium) and sumiremo, a kind of an alga, as well as thick natural forests around them in which you can enjoy a relaxing walk.



• Tachikuekyo Valley is a well-known scenic place, popular among Japanese nation wide as a local tourist spot.
• It is well preserved with rich wide life that is unique to the area.
• It has a rich history for being a holy place where it is famous for Buddhism.
• It has fantastic scenery that changes in different seasons such as pink cherry-blossom in Spring, green mountains in Summer, red leaves in Autumn and snow white in winter.
• As the number of safe drinkable water sources are declining, it is a source of clean and safe water from Kando-gawa river, unpolluted by human activities.
• The ownership term of the property is forever, without any time limitation.
• It is a prefecture protected natural environment.
• It is tax free for owning this  prefecture protected property.

Economic benefits
• Tourism sightseeing
• Hotels, resorts
• Hot spring
• River tour
• Outdoor activities
• Restaurants

For personal use
• A personal resort in the untouched nature of Japan
• Japan has very low crime rate, locals are friendly to foreigners, places are clean and quiet.
• A peaceful and relaxing place for a getaway, a break from work, retirement, and to host friends and relatives.

Contact Us



For enquiries on the selling price & details, please contact hi[at] in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

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