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"Singapore Learning Journey~
the secret of a nation's success"


Produced by WASABI Creation


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“Singapore Learning Journeys” brings you through a series of lectures, workshops, and field trips to discover the secret of Singapore’s success. It serves as a source of inspiration, valuabe learning points for business development, as well as a great reference for self-improvement. 


This year in 2015, Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence.

Being a British colonial from 1819 to 1963, and suffered the damage of World War II, Singapore has transformed itself from a third world country to a first world just within a few decades’ time. Its GDP per capital ranks one of the top countries in the world, so are its health care facilities, education level of its people, and its renown international airport & national airline. Singapore also has one of the lowest crime rate, corruption, and taxation in the world, making it a safe and efficient country to do business in.


How can a small country, the size of Tokyo with 400 million people make its place in the world map? How did Singapore, without any natural resources, not even water resources, can become an economic miracle that other countries such as China wish to learn from?

“Singapore Learning Journeys” brings you through a series of lectures, workshops, and field trips to find out all the answers to these questions. We will be studying the history of Singapore from its pre-colonial days, gaining independence, to modern day Singapore, including the many wisedom of the nation's founding father, the first Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We will visit various sites, government and private organizations to examine Singapore’s background, its vision, know-how, and the execution behind the nation’s success stories.


Singapore Learning Journeys’ program can be conducted in English, Chinese, or Japanese by trainers who have rich experience working and living in Singapore, as well as great knowledge about the Singapore Story. 

Program Workflow

2. Lecture

Learn about the details of various  topic from an experienced trainer with actual case studies

1. Research

Conduct reseach to find out about facts on the topics and complete a pre-assignment

4. Assignment

Complete the given assignment or report with all the learning points

3. Field Trip

Visit important sites and tour places of interest to gain first hand experiences on the ground

5. Presentation

Discuss among participants and present the group work to conclude the program

Learning Outcome


  1. Acquire fact finding skill through research and self learning
  2. Discover about Singapore's far-sightedness and the strategies in achieving its goals
  3. First hand experiences by visiting places and speaking to people on the ground
  4. Strengthen teamwork as you work on the given assignment as a group
  5. Practice logical thinking and presentation skills for reorganzing facts and communicate them to others
  6. Be inspired by the Singapore Story, and relate what you have learned to your business and personla life

Topics & Field Trips


Economic and Industrial Development

Central Profident Fund Board

Government Investment Corporation (GIC)

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

JTC Corporation

Singapore Mint

Education and Technology

Infocomm Experience Center

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Institute of Technical Education

Singapore Aeromedical Center

Health and Environment

Ministry of The Environment and Water Resources

National Environment Agency (Incineration Plant/ Pulau Semakau)

Arts, Culture and Community

Chinatown Heritage Center

Singapore Discovery Center

National Heritage Board

Sentosa Development Corporation

NUS Museum

Singapore Press Holdings

People's Association

The Maritime Experimental Museum 

Infrastructure and Utilities

Public Utility Board

Changi Airport

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Housing & Development Board

Building and Construction Authority

Land Transport Authority

Law and Order

Singapore State Court

Parliment of Singapore

Singapore Civil Defence Force

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau

Singapore Police Force

Central Narcotics Bureau

Internal Security Department Heritage Center

Supreme Court

Security and Defense 

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

Ministry of Defence Museum 



For companies or individual who are interested to participate in any of the Learning Journeys or customised programs, kindly use the contact form or provide the information to

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