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Education (Japan)


Overseas study tour in Japan

NUS Overseas College entrepreneurship overseas mission in Nagoya

Dec 2019

WASABI Creation supported NUS Overseas College (NOC) in planning, coordinating, and facilitated their overseas study mission in Nagoya. NOC is an entrepreneurship program organised by NUS Enterprise from 18 years ago, where students join startup companies in Singapore, as well as overseas for 6 months to learn the skills of being an entrepreneur. The NOC programme has successfully produced many entrepreneurs through the year. Coincidentally, WASABI Creation's founder, Tong is a graduate of the same programme 10 years ago. It was an honour to be able to support NOC's first program in Japan as an alumni.

Students from NOC visited museums & factories such as Toyota, Denso, Brother, Nagoya University, as well as numerous startups, including student startups in Nagoya. 

Guest Speaker

Global Venture Habitat, Osaka

Nov 2017

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong was invited by Global Venture Habitat which is run by Sunbridge Venture, supporting startup companies in Japan.

Tong shared about his past, present, and future projects on how WASABI Creation is bridging Japan, Singapore, and the rest of Asia in terms on Business, Culture, and Tourism. In particular, Tong talked about his interest in Japanese traditional crafts, and his ideas on developing new products for the modern global market. This could be done through international collaboration between carftmen and makers in Japan and those overseas. 

The participants are working professionals from all walks of life, who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Some of them are planning their next career switch, while some are embarking on their passion with new projects

Guest Speaker

Ritsumeikan University MBA Class, Osaka

Nov 2017

The Founder of WASABI Creation, Tong was invited by the professor of Ritsumeikan University MBA Class as a guest speaker at the Umeda Osaka Campus.

Tong shared about his working experiences when he was working in Japan as a fresh graduate, as well as his business experiences in Singapore as he worked on various projects and served different clients in bridging Japan and Singapore.

The students also actively asked many questions about Singapore, especially on introducing Japanese products to the Singapore market, such as about consumer behaviours in Singapore. 

Tong also shared about his thoughts on entrepreneurship, and his experience as a student entrepreneur when he was in university. 



7th International Workshop Festival~ Doors 

Workshop for everyone in Osaka, August 2013


7th International Workshop Festival~ Doors is co-organized by Art Complex 1928 and Osaka City to promote active learning & exposure to different cultures from different countries. More than 1000 workshops have been conducted since the program had started 7 years ago, together with more than 100 types of different workshops, participants can learn something new while having fun at these workshops. All the workshops are held in 3 different locations across Osaka, each participant pays only 500yen for a 90min workshop of their choices. 


WASABI Creation sourced for and coordinated 4 instructiors from Canada (Yoga), USA (Personal branding), Taiwai (Latin dance), and Japan (Japanese dance) to conduct workshops at the 7th International Workshop Festival Doors. 

Japan Traditional Industries

Kyoto Kitayama Cedar~ Harvesting Workshop

The Kitayama Mountains north of Kyoto city produce the cedar, called ‘Kitayama Sugi’ used to build traditional Japanese ‘sukiya’ architecture. It has a 600 year history, making it the oldest forestry culture in the world. In addition to being unique and producing exquisite wood, Kitayama Forestry is very environmentally friendly.

This cultural heritage has largely been lost as Japan has adopted mass produced housing, leaving Kitayama and other traditional Japanese forestry products to fall into disuse. Fortunately, this has begun to change in recent years as some Japanese rediscover their own culture, and export opportunities have arisen.

Together with the company, we organized a visit to the cedar plantation forest to see how cedar trees are being harvested and processed, and also learn about the history and characteristics of "Kitayama Sugi", the cedar trees of Kyoto.


WASABI Creation is the producer of this event.

Japan Traditional Industries

Nishiki Textile Cultural Exchange Event


Expereince Nishiki textile of Kyoto, September 2011


NIshiki was once a very important textile industry in Nishijin Kyoto where it produced beautiful Kimonos for the whole of Japan. Although many had closed down due to a drop in Kimono demand in modern days, there are some factories that survive over many centuries and continue to produce fabulous textile in the most tradtional way. There are one of those few places that reserves and continues the glory of Nishiki Textile in Kyoto. 


WASABI Creation organized a tour to one of these long standing Nishiki textile factories in Nishijin Kyoto for foreigners living in Kyoto. The 8th generation company president gave a lecture on the history of Nishiki, while participants also had the chance to have a hands on experience to make Nishiki textile with those tradtional weaving machines.

Japanese Traditional Crafts


Japanese Paper Doll Making Workshop (和紙人形)

A cultural experience, July 2011


Japanese paper (Washi) is popular for its high quality and brilliant colors. The famous Origami is made out of these special Japanese papers. At a higher level, these Japanese papers can be made into Japanese dolls. 

WASABI Creation invited a Japanese Paper Doll master to give a one-day workshop to a group of foreigners who are deeply interested in Japanese culture. Furthermore, the workshop was held in a 100 year old cafe with a Japanese room, making it an authentic Japanese cultural experience.


WASABI Creation is the organizer of this Japanese paper doll making workshop. 

Japan Traditional Industries

PAGONG Kyoyuzen ~

Kyoto Traditional Dyeing Workshop 

A company tour and hands-on workshop was organized for PAGONG, a Kyoto based traditional textile dyeing company, in order to introduce this Japanese traditional craft to a group of 20 foreign visitors. It allowed a deeper understanding of Kyoyuzen for foreign visitors and also promoted such trade to potential customers outside of Japan. Foreign participants followed the instruction of the experienced craftsmen and produced their own prints using the Kyoyuzen technique.

A tea reception with the company's president was also held after the workshop. The president shared about the company's history, the dyeing process, and how the business has transformed itself to meet market changes and the newest trends in the textile industry.

WASABI Creation is the producer of this event.

Tourism Seminar


Kyoto Tourism Symposium  

A deep Kyoto experience for inbound tourists, November 2013


Kyoto is famous as the old capital of Japan where foreign tourists can discover many traditional culture and heritage treasures in this unique part of the world. 


WASABI Creation organized this Kyoto Tourism Symposium to gather all kinds of travel experience providers to give a presentation about their businesses and discussed about challenges they face. These travel experience providers include Ikebana, Japanese tea ceremony, Koto (Japanese music instrument), theater performances, Nishiki textile, Japanese cooking, Kyoto walking tours, and many more.  This symposium also allows the participants to learn more about the tourism industry of Kyoto. 

Architecture Tour

Kyoto Sanjo Architecture Tour 

A historical walk in Kyoto, November 2013


Sanjo is one of the most prominent roads in Kyoto. Located in the heart of Kyoto City, Sanjo is where many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and theatres are located. It is also a place that reflects the lives of people in Kyoto. Over the centries, Sanjo has also transformed itself into the modern world while keeping many things unchange and hidden, forming a time capsule with rich histroy and interesting stories.


Together with Kyoto Architecture Society and Sanjo Association, WASABI Creation co-organized this Kyoto Sanjo Architecture Tour for 30 participants. They include foreigners living in Kyoto who have huge interest in the history of the city, but had little chance to learn about it. This tour provided a precious experience for everyone to explore the many hidden corners of Sanjo that tells many unknown stories. 

Factory Tour


Suntory~ The Premium Malts 

The best beer in the world from Kyoto, October 2013


Suntory, The Premium Malts is considered as one of the best beer in the world, loved by many Japanese as well as everyone in the world. Its factory is located 20min by train from JR Kyoto station, where you can spend an hour to join a guided tour of the factory, and have beer tasting together with the guide. 


WASABI Creation organized this factory tours for 20 Japanese and foreigners from Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe to find out about the manufacturing processes of The Premium Malts, and to find out the reason why it tastes so good. 

Tourism Research Tour

Tour de Osaka

A monitor tour for international students, November 2012


Ministry of Tourism invited 20 foreign students to join a tour in OSAKA to give them a special experience in the second biggest city in Japan. They tried out famous Osaka food at Shinsekai(新世界), and went into a time capsule of Japan’s entertainment in the 50s. They also visited Smart Ball(スマートバール), a game center of the past created before video game is born. There is also Tsutenkaku (通天閣), a metal tower built in 1912 during the Meiji period, which was the tallest structure in East Asia then. Last but not least, the students explored a historical shopping arcade called Janjanyokocho (じゃんじゃん横丁)that was built in the post war period. 

Surveys were regularly done for each places of interest, including the ease of travel, sufficiency of English materials, and service quality of the staffs. 


WASABI Creation was tasked with the recruitment of international students as participants and assisted in the tour to ensure smooth execution of the programme. 


Tourism Research Tour

Tour de Biwako, Shiga Prefecture

A monitor tour for international students, October 2012


A monitor tour around Biwako Lake in Shiga prefecture was organized by Shiga Prefecture and the Ministry of Toursim. About 40 international students from Kansai area were invited to participate in this tour to find out how to improve tourism in the area. Places of visit included ferry rides on Biwako Lake, temples and shrines, Biwako Valley, and Hikone Castle. Surveys were regularly done for each places of interest, including the ease of travel, sufficiency of English materials, and service quality of the staffs. 


WASABI Creation was tasked with the recruitment of international students as participants and assisted in the tour to ensure smooth execution of the programme. 

Tourism Experience

Seasonal cycling event: Tour de Kyoto


Each year, many cycling events were organised in Kyoto for our community of foreign residence as well as Japanese friends to explore different places in Kyoto City. These cycling events are held in various time of the year, so that the participants can enjoy beautiful scenery that comes along in different seasons. 

Tourism Experience


Dragon Boating Expereince, Biwako, Shiga Prefecture

A new travel experience, November 2012


WASABI Creation was invited to organize a Dragon Boating Experience Tour with a dargon boat team from Biwako of Shiga Prefecture. More than 40 foreigner and Japanese participated in the tour. It was the first dragon boating experience for many, whle it is also a totally new experience for others with the scenic view of Biwako and unique features along the coast. 


WASABI Creation is the organizer of this Dragon Boating Expereince Tour. 

Tourism Experience

White Water Rafting, Seta River, Shiga Prefecture

A new travel experience, October 2011


WASABI Creation organized a White Water Rafting Tour for a group of 30 foreigners living in and visiting Japan. Seta River is the only river flowing out of Biwako Lake, the biggest lake in Japan. It provides geograpical feature that is ideal for white water rafting, yet it is safe even for beginners. The tour is to promote such adventurous activities as a tourism experience for travellers who are seeking some excitment during their trip. 


WASABI Creation is the organizer for this White Water Rafting Tour at Seta River. 

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