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Cycling Tour in Yamashina  Kyoto​ + BBQ Party

A calm & relaxing tour, immersing yourself in the less explored history
and nature of Kyoto, this cycling tour in Yamashina is for you. 

Date & Time: 27th July 2013, Sat, from 2:00pm

Meeting place: Keihan Sanjo station or Yanashima station


This cycling tour brings you through a less explored part of Kyoto City in Yamashina, which is located about 8km to the east of Kyoto Station. We will be visiting places with rich historical value such as the tomb of a late emperor from 600AD, famous Buddhist temples with beautiful Japanese gardens, and a Shinto shrine related to a legendary Samurai story that reflects the highest code of bushido in the Japanese history.

We will also be cycling through the nature of Kyoto, with cheery blossom in Spring, green mountains in Summer, and multicolored leaves in Autumn. We might also go through some part of the forest & streams to experience mountain biking in Kyoto.

These places might not be as touristic and buzzing as those in other parts of Kyoto, however they truly tell the stories of this less explored part of Kyoto. If you are looking for a calm & relaxing tour, immerse yourself in the history and nature of Kyoto, this cycling tour in Yamashina is for you. 


(Kyoto-shi Yamashina-ku Oyakegotannbadake-cho 8 Kitarinkan, Kyoto, Japan 607-8178 (North side of SOWA GAKUEN)) Access method


What to bring?

  • Bring your own bicycle to the meeting place or you can rent one from the following places.

  • Kyoto Cycling Project,  Kyoto Yuruchari Club

  • Set of clothes for change (changing room available, it's hot summer)

  • Toileteries, towel for public bath

  • Water, Camera



  • 5000yen (Cycling tour + BBQ, Public bath銭湯 410yen not included)

  • 4000yen (BBQ only)

Registration completed before July 20th 

  • 4000yen (Cycling tour + BBQ, Public bath銭湯 410yen not included)

  • 3500yen (BBQ only)

About Yamashina

Yamashina, although is located in Kyoto City, it is separated from the rest of Kyoto City and surrounded by mountains namely Inari Mt, Daimoji Mt, and Daigo Mt. It is also right next to the southern end of Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan where all the drinking water in Kyoto is provided.


Yamashina has a very old history such that it was already inhabited since Jomon period (縄文時代, 14000BC to 300BC). It is the meeting point of two major historical routes of Japan, Tokaido (東海道) & Nara Kaido (奈良街道), forming an important cross road in the region. It is also the final resting place of the 38th emperor of Japan, Tenji Emperor (天智天皇626~672AD) where his tomb was erected in Yamashina. 

About 47RONIN


47RONIN is a global residential coworking space where we provide valuable information & connections to visiting entrepreneurs who could stay with us, work on their projects, interact with our local coworking communities while they explore, experience, & enjoy Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. 


47RONIN is located in a newly renovated yet an old traditional Japanese house named Hokurinkan (北隣館) in Yamashina ward of Kyoto City. It is an over 50 years old 2-storey building designed as a traditional residence for a farmer’s family. It is also situated along Old Nara Street (旧奈良街道) which was the first road in the area, connecting Kyoto Prefecture to Nara Prefecture, the very first capital of Japan before Kyoto & Tokyo.

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