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WASABI Creation began as a volunteer group organizing countless number of international events in Kansai for both the Japanese and the international communities. Many of these events achieved such a high level of organization and quality that it’s hard to believe they were truly created by a group of volunteers.

We have a team of multi-cultural, multi-lingual Japanese staffs, foreign staffs, and many others in between. Our team understands your business, Japanese culture, and appreciates the essence of your products, services and philosophy. Through creating these innovative events, we are able to present all of these qualities and beauties to potential clients and partners from the prospect of the foreigners eyes, leaving them with a better understanding, appreciation, and lasting impression to eventually achieve your company’s goal.

Our Solutions

Innovative & International Project & Event Design

(Japan, Singapore)

At WASABI Creation, we believe that events are the beginning of all humanity.

​It is at many events big and small, from festive celebrations of the ancient times to the international conventions of the present, that people meet, interact, exchange ideas and collaborate with one another to develop our world into what it is today.

With globalization and the continually shrinking borders between countries, there is now a need even greater than any other in history to have great international events to continue our progress economically, politically, environmentally, and socially.

WASABI Creation is an innovative, international project & event design company based in Japan & Singapore. We help companies, governments, organizations and individuals to organize various types of events to help them achieve their goals. We believe in creating revolutionary and attractive events by combining creative design, effective communication, and the latest technology. With a cosmopolitan team and partners, we believe WASABI Creation will be a one-of-its-kind event design company in the world.


​International Thinking
• Creating events for both Japanese & foreign participants by taking care of each of their needs, & providing enjoyable experiences through multicultural & global thinking.

Effective Communication
• Reaching out to targeted participants, potential partners, including international communities in Japan & members from overseas, through effective communication skill, language skill & technology.

Understanding People
• Strategizing a successful event from the planning stage by putting ourselves in the shoes of the participants, clients, and other stakeholders, through thorough understanding their preferences, desires, and dreams, then making them come true.

Our Expertise

Deploying technology, art & design for International event design & consultation •

International talents sourcing • Multilingual translation & copywriting • Community Building

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